Fj Outlaw Net Worth

Fj Outlaw Net Worth

Fj Outlaw net worth is an American country rapper with an avid following on YouTube. Born December 24, 1986 in Tallahassee FL, his father performed with Slim Sommerville and the Southlanders who performed at Grand Ole Opry 1981; three years later his mother bought him his first guitar at age 7. Within three years he taught himself how to play it himself and by age 13 was involved with several bands; often getting in trouble and being kicked out of school but always finding something else to occupy him!

At sixteen, Outlawdipper began posting videos regularly to YouTube as Outlawdipper and focused mainly on tobacco dipping. Over time he expanded into showing other aspects of his unique lifestyle through hunting trips, off-roading adventures, fishing excursions and compilation videos that showcased all his best work together in one place.

His YouTube channel boasts a large fan base and generates revenue through sponsorships, advertisements and the sale of branded dipping tobacco. He employs his unique style of rapping with his raspy southern voice flowing beautifully over melodies and bass knocking drum kits; an incredible talent with an ever-loyal fan base who have watched him release two albums: Shotguns N Whiskey” and “More Trash Than Hick”. It is estimated that he earns an estimated annual income of more than $1 Million just from youtube alone.

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