Fling Golf Net Worth

Fling Golf Net Worth

Fling Golf is a new golf game that uses lacrosse sticks to hit the ball, offering more fun and easier learning than traditional golf clubs. Furthermore, this less intimidating form of the sport allows more people to get involved compared to a standard club. Fling Golf can be found both online and at stores nationwide; since appearing on Shark Tank it has seen incredible success!

Fling Golf currently boasts an estimated net worth of $500,000. Founders Alex Van Allen and John Pruellage appeared on Shark Tank to pitch their new game, asking the sharks for $300k for 10% equity. Since appearing on the show they have sold over 140,000 Flingsticks; due to this surge in sales they had to double up warehouse space!

The founders have extensive experience in both business and marketing. Their track record of building and growing successful companies demonstrates this fact, proving they possess all of the potential needed to make this venture an incredible success. Supported by an amazing team who are working diligently toward growing the business.

On Shark Tank, they made an outstanding presentation about their product or service with great confidence and passion, garnering much support from audience members. All five sharks seemed interested in investing, although ultimately no deal was closed but nonetheless the business is doing very well today.

Mark Cuban and Lori Greiner both declined this investment because they did not agree with its valuation, while Kevin O’Leary felt it was “poopoo on a stick”. Robert Herjavec took an interest in investing, offering $300k for 33% equity stake; John, Alex and Daniel agreed to reduce their offer to 20% equity stake instead.

Fling Golf Net Worth is an intriguing concept and a fantastic way to get into golf. No expensive equipment is needed and anyone can learn quickly – not only that, it provides exercise benefits while being great fun. Perfect for teaming up with friends or family.

FlingGolf was introduced into the market in 2014 as a hybrid game combining golf and lacrosse, created by two former college lacrosse players looking for something easier and more affordable than traditional golf. Their golf ball and flingsticks can work on any course or makeshift courses in parks and open spaces; customers from retail as well wholesale are enjoying it across 300 golf courses in the US; 2018 sales totalled $144,000 with projections for 2021 surpassing that amount!

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