Frankie Lymon Net Worth

Frankie Lymon Net Worth in 2023

Frankie Lymon was born September 30th 1942. As a famous singer he has performed with many popular music groups and earned multiple awards during his time. With such an immense fan base he attracts immense curiosity from followers about his net worth, car, lifestyle, family life and other such details.

We aim to provide all the relevant details of Frankie Lymon’s net worth in 2023 in this article, including his biography, height, weight, affairs, cars and other details.

Frankie Lymon was born into a poor family in Harlem, New York; his mother Jeanette worked as a maid while his father Howard drove trucks. Frankie began singing with local doo-wop group Coupe De Villes as a backup vocalist before later joining Teenagers (band had several hits, such as ‘Why Do Fools Fall in Love) where he eventually took on lead vocal duties for them as lead singer ‘Why Do Fools Fall in Love’ was one such hit song; later Frankie tried solo career but failed due to changed adult voice changes as an unremarkable tenor and drug abuse issues made it impossible for him to maintain popularity; Frankie died at 25 and is buried at Saint Raymond Cemetery in The Bronx.

Even during his brief career, he made a significant impactful on the emerging rock and roll scene. His songs were covered by artists such as the Beach Boys and Diana Ross; actor Larenz Tate played his character in the 1998 movie Why Do Fools Fall in Love?. Today, he remains one of the most revered figures in American rock music history.

Lymon was known for being polygamous, marrying three times. He had one daughter who passed shortly after birth at Lenox Hill Hospital; later married The Platters singer Zola Taylor without it ever becoming official; finally in 1967 married schoolteacher Emira Eagle although the wedding never took place and some believe he may still have been legally tied to his first two wives at his death.

Frankie had a difficult life as he battled drug and alcohol dependency. He spent time in and out of rehab facilities, as well as encounters with law enforcement. A prolific drug user in later years, he died suddenly of heroin overdose at 25 in his grandmother’s apartment; found with syringe nearby; interred at Saint Raymond Cemetery in Throggs Neck section of Bronx for burial with full honors as a part of Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

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