Frank Caprio Net Worth

Frank Caprio Net Worth

Frank Caprio hails from Rhode Island in the US. As both judge and politician, he has earned great esteem within his community, earning much appreciation from those he works for. Privately minded and family oriented, Frank prefers keeping his private affairs out of public view; with five children from five marriages; fond of sports (notably European soccer); strongly believing everyone should travel at least once in their lifetime to gain greater understanding of global community; his wife died following complications in pregnancy with child #2

Frank Caprio currently boasts an estimated net worth of around $13 Million as of 2021. While amassing his fortune through various sources of income, Judge Caprio prefers living modestly while contributing generously through charitable works such as starting Filomena Fund which assists people pay and support their traffic violation fines. This fund was founded after one single mother in Indiana sent him a letter and small donation via US mail.

His social media followings are extraordinary, and he’s an immensely beloved figure in Rhode Island. Both Caught in Providence and Brotherhood received over 300 million YouTube views; Brotherhood won four awards and was nominated for five others; television shows also proved highly successful – particularly his role as municipal judge in Brotherhood which won critical acclaim from viewers everywhere.

Frank Caprio stands out as an exceptionally qualified individual. After receiving his Bachelor’s degree from Providence College, he taught government subjects at Providence high schools while simultaneously attending Boston’s Suffolk University School of Law for law study at night. Additionally, from 1988 to 1990 he served in Rhode Island House of Representatives before subsequently serving on Board of Regents for Elementary and Secondary Education as well as Governor’s PreK-16 Council on Education.

Frank Caprio has long been known for his generosity. He has volunteered with Boys Town of Italy, Nickerson House Juvenile Court and Rhode Island Food Bank; in addition to serving on several boards such as Providence College President’s Council.

He enjoys traveling and watching classic films in his free time, as well as sports including baseball, especially Boston Red Sox baseball, where he recently threw the ceremonial first pitch against New York Yankees at Fenway Park on July 25, 2019 as they took on Fenway Park. Joyce E. Caprio has been his wife for 50 years; together they have five children; Frank T. Caprio, David Caprio Pesce Marissa Caprio Pesce John Caprio Paul Caprio

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