Gabrielle Dorsey

Gabrielle Dorsey – A Lawyer With Experience Resolving Employment Disputes

The name Gabrielle Dorsey is not unfamiliar to many people. As a teacher, community activist, and member of the Orange County Women’s Philanthropy Fund, she has a wealth of experience in employment disputes. She was the head of the Labor & Employment department at Dorsey in Southern California and Montana. She is an expert in both California, and Montana and speaks often on a variety of employment-related topics.

Sonali Dorsey is a mother, teacher, mentor, and community activist

Sonali is a mother, teacher and mentor. She also has extensive experience in college admissions. She has worked with diverse student populations and has a strong commitment to equity in education. She has more than 20 years of experience in competitive applications, including as a Dean, Admissions Director, College Guidance Counselor, and Dean of Students. Sonali offers realistic, yet helpful, goals for every student.

She is a member the Orange County Women’s Philanthropy Fund

A longtime member of the Orange County Women’s Philanthopy Fund, Gabrielle McLaughlin has supported a range of philanthropic causes in her hometown of Montana and throughout Southern California. She was a former member of Santa Mountains Conservancy’s board. She hosted a weekly meditation class for over 30 years and helped establish Malibu’s homelessness prevention program when she was 85. She has received numerous awards for her volunteer work in her community and is survived by her children Brian, Diane and John, and predeceased by her daughter Katherine. Gabrielle McLaughlin, a member of Orange County Women’s Philanthropy Fund, will continue to support its many causes.

She has extensive experience in employment disputes

An experienced lawyer in employment disputes might be the best choice to help you resolve any workplace dispute. Ms. Dorsey is skilled in five areas. These areas include risk management, creating and implementing effective workplace policies and protecting intellectual property. Her clients include some of the world’s largest companies, leading organizations, and major nonprofit organizations.

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