Ohana Japanese Steakhouse

Hana Japanese Steakhouse in New York City

If you’re craving steak, sushi, and Japanese cuisine, check out Hana Japanese Steakhouse. The sleek, trendy interior is filled with hibachi grills that sit tableside. There are many options on the menu. The price is also reasonable. But the best way to find out if this restaurant is right for you is to read the reviews. Then, you can decide if it’s worth the trip.


Ohana Japanese Steakhouse’s menu is a mixture of modern and traditional. The trendy restaurant offers hibachi tabletop grills as well as sushi. For an authentic Japanese dining experience, you should reserve a table at the hibachi grill table. Tables are available for private dining, as is the case with some other nearby restaurants. For more information, please contact restaurant directly. (212) 879-2776.

The Ohana Japanese Hibachi & Steakhouse menu includes a variety of Asian dishes, sushi, love boats, and sushi. Whether you want to enjoy a traditional Japanese steak or a modern twist, you will be satisfied with your selection. In addition to the steak and sushi, you can choose from the menu to order other dishes as well. The restaurant’s atmosphere and service are also spectacular.

Located in Lubbock, Ohana Japanese Steakhouse is a favorite among locals and visitors. You can find it in a shopping center next to T-Mobile and Wingstop. They are open six days a week, with carryout and delivery available. You can also enjoy their delicious Japanese cuisine at any time of the day. Just bring your appetite and get a table at Ohana Japanese Steakhouse. You’ll be happy you did!


You may have heard of Ohana Japanese Steakhouse. But, you don’t know where to find it. This sleek, modern Japanese restaurant serves sushi and grilled meat on tabletop hibachi grills. This restaurant is located in New York City. In addition to sushi and tabletop hibachi grills, you can also order fresh-squeezed juices from the tap.

Ohana Japanese Hibachi & Steakhouse is located in Midtown Manhattan. It serves Asian cuisine on a hibachi grill. Decorated in rich, contemporary colors, Ohana is the perfect place to dine with friends and family. This restaurant’s highlight is the hibachi grill, which offers an eight-course Japanese-Puerto Rican Fusion dinner. You can enjoy hibachi grill and specialty cocktails as well as the sushi bar.

For a more authentic Japanese meal, visit Ohana Sushi on Washington Boulevard in Ogden, Utah. The restaurant serves Asian, Japanese, and sushi. The restaurant has tikis and tropical greenery, and a modern, stylish atmosphere. You’ll also be delighted by the menu and atmosphere, which are authentic and delicious. You can also order wine and tropical drinks during dinner or enjoy Hawaiian-style desserts.


When it comes to Japanese cuisine, Ohana stands out as one of the best. The sleek and modern Japanese restaurant offers hibachi grills on the table and sushi in a stylish setting. Ohana’s high quality Japanese steaks and sushi will please all palates. You will also find an assortment of other Asian dishes to savor. Ohana’s steaks are among the best in town, and the menu changes regularly to reflect the freshest ingredients.

This Japanese steakhouse is known for its delicious noodles. Ohana recently removed the peel-and-eat shrimp that made the noodles a little spongy. The new menu includes Island Shrimp Casserole and Coconut Papaya Scones. Smoked salmon is also available. Ohana’s menu remains impressive and the prices are lower than similar Japanese steakhouses.

The Ohana Japanese Steakhouse reviews have been generally positive with the majority of reviewers rating it at 4.4 out 5 It’s also convenient for those on the go, because take-away menus can be ordered from this restaurant. Ohana also offers take-away, so you can eat at your convenience. Ohana’s atmosphere is relaxed and the staff are friendly and accommodating. If you’re in town with a group, you’ll want to visit this restaurant for a relaxing evening of good food and drink with your family or friends.


The price of Ohana Japanese Steakhouse can vary depending on the type of meal you order. The main dishes are $23 per person and can be taken out or delivered. For a small fee, guests can order appetizers, salads and desserts and have them delivered to the table. Although the prices are usually mid-range, there are many reasons to dine at this restaurant.

A family-style meal at Ohana costs $47.50 The price includes beverages, coffee and tea as well as soda. The entrees come on skewers, and are topped off with sweet-n’-sour sauce. Tax and gratuity are included in the price of the meal. It is well-worth the cost. You can dine with family and enjoy the delicious food and great atmosphere at ‘Ohana.

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