Galilea Montijo Net Worth

Galilea Montijo Net Worth

Galilea Montijo net worth is an acclaimed TV show host and actress. With an immense following on social media and multiple awards under her belt, she is truly talented lady with great sense of humor who hosts Hoy a Morning show for Televisa morning show on Televisa morning show Hoy a Morning show which airs every morning at 9:00AM local time and has gained great fame due to her hosting skills; furthermore she boasts an attractive personality along with impeccable manners – qualities which contribute significantly to Galilea Montijo net worth!

Galilea Montijo was born in Guadalajara, Jalisco on 5th June 1973 and she currently works as the Spanish-speaking host for Televisa’s Hoy and El gran show de los Peques; host for talent competition reality show Pequenos Gigantes judged by Maria Jose; she also appeared in Mexican telenovela La Verdad Oculta in 2005 with an impressive following across both Mexico and America; in particular having an enormous fan base across both. Galilea Montijo exudes positivity both physically and intellectually with her beautiful smile and optimistic outlook towards life!

Since 2011, she and Fernando Reina have been married. Together they share one child. Before this marriage she was involved with Cuauhtemoc Blanco Bravo (1994-1997), Silvio Fornaro (1996) and Jorge Krasovsky (2009).

In her personal year number 9, she will experience numerous opportunities to try something new and exciting in life – moving house, changing jobs, ending old relationships or giving birth may all present themselves as potential pathways towards transformation and personal growth.

Astrologically speaking, now is an opportune moment for her to make major life and career decisions. She should use this opportunity wisely and try her hardest to accomplish all that she desires.

She will achieve much success this year. Her courage and resolve are sufficient for any challenge that comes her way in life.

She will have the support of friends and family during this difficult period in her life; her husband will also offer assistance. With their assistance, she will come out stronger than ever. She is incredibly talented, and will accomplish great feats throughout her life. She will reach all her goals during this lifetime; becoming a great entertainer loved by fans for acting, hosting and singing abilities. She will continue to inspire her followers with hard work and dedication, serving as a role model to many around the globe. Galilea Montijo height stands at 5 ft 6 inches with an attractive body weighing in at 75 kg as of 2023.

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