Galip Ozturk Net Worth

Galip Ozturk Net Worth

Galip Ozturk Net Worth

Galip ozturk is an incredible businessman, making a name for himself in transportation and real estate. With an incredible net worth that continues to increase daily, he is an incredible family man who enjoys spending time with his kids. He founded Metro Group of Companies as well as numerous other ventures and was involved with politics before that.

Recently, he made headlines for wanting 105 children with his wife. However, Georgian authorities arrested Mr Ozturk and conducted special forces raid on May 31 of his hotel in Batumi near Turkey border. Officers searched the premises looking for evidence of money laundering and false documentation as stated by Finance Ministry spokeswoman.

Kristina, 24, is behind this plan. She already has two young children from previous relationships; Kristina now shares custody of their nine-year-old son with millionaire husband. Together, they have paid out $195,500 in surrogacy fees; in addition, 16 live-in nannies take care of the growing family.

Although her number of children may seem excessive, she remains dedicated to having more babies with her husband and has even posed with each child individually as evidence of this determination.

She even posted pictures of herself and her baby wearing identical attire! Furthermore, she claims that her husband is supportive of her outrageous ambitions.

Galip was born in Ayvacik in 1965. He currently holds the directorship for Metro Turizm intercity bus company as well as other interests, and was charged with ordering the murder of Kuvvet Koseoglu in 1996 for which his life sentence was upheld in 2018. When this sentence was upheld he fled Georgia in 2018.

Despite all of her scandals, she continues to assert that she is happy and living her life to its fullest. She is an outstanding mother with a very caring and generous personality who has provided inspiration for millions around the globe.

Kristina should live her dreams to make her husband proud of her. Although we’re sure he is less than pleased about being on the cover of Toronto Sun, Kristina cannot be stopped from following her heart. We can only hope that Kristina and Adam find ways to keep their family intact as they pursue their goals together on social media – so stay tuned! Thank you for reading!

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