George Noory Net Worth

George Noory Net Worth – Salary, Family, Children & More Details Are Here

George Noory Net Worth, Salary, Family & Children – More Details Are Presented

George Noory is an American newscaster known for hosting the radio program ‘Coast to Coast AM’ since January 2003 following Art Bell’s retirement. Noory also hosts several TV shows as well as writing several books covering subjects like UFOlogy, Paranormalism & Ghosts. With followers across all age groups around the globe and on social media he enjoys great popularity with fans worldwide.

Noory signed a contract with Premiere Networks, an affiliate of iHeartMedia, to host Coast to Coast AM up until 2020.

Noory was first drawn to Ufology and paranormal events during his early years, which inspired him to join NICAP as a teenager. While studying pre-dental at University of Detroit he switched majors later and majored in communication instead; during this period of time Noory also spent nine years as lieutenant in US Naval Reserve.

George Noory was born in Detroit, Michigan on June 4, 1950 to two younger sisters and was raised as Roman Catholic. As a child he became interested in paranormal and UFO studies and joined NICAP (National Investigation and Coordination Agency for Civil Aviation Protection) upon being old enough. Later he attended University of Detroit studying pre-dental program before making a change into majoring in communications majoring instead.

Noory graduated and launched his late-night radio program ‘Nightawk’ in St Louis after graduation, which caught the attention of Premiere Radio Networks – the syndicators behind ‘Coast to Coast AM.’ Noory became a guest host before taking over full weeknight hosting duties in 2003.

He boasts a net worth of $2 Million and annual salary of $500 Thousand, having made his name through various networks such as WCAR-AM, WJBK-TV, KMSP-TV, KSDK-TV and KTRS. Furthermore, he has appeared in both television programs and movies.

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