Gigi Hadid Volleyball

Gigi Hadid is known for her sexy modeling and fitness style, but she’s also a sports enthusiast. During a break from a recent photo shoot, the model stepped outside to play volleyball. She wore a bright red bodysuit, revealing her midriff, and paired it with white sneakers and trendy shades. Gigi has been candid about her health struggles, including her battle with Hashimoto’s disease. Most recently, the model answered critics who say she is too thin.

Although she may be more famous today for her modeling career, Gigi Hadid was an avid volleyball player when she was in high school. She once dreamed of becoming a professional athlete. She was even captain of her high school volleyball team and hoped to play in the NFL someday.

The supermodel works out with Rob Piela, a personal trainer in New York City. Gigi regularly switches up her workout routine to keep up her sexy figure. She also seeks guidance and motivation from her trainer. She’s credited with making exercise a priority in her life.

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