Gigi Yallouz

Gigi Yallouz is one of the most beautiful women in the world. She has a huge fan base, and is dedicated to helping others. She supports many causes, including anti-bullying. She is also very passionate about gender and marriage equality and believes in the power of social media. Yallouz is also devoted to spreading the word of love and happiness. In fact, she is so in love with her husband-to-be Yeoman that she can’t stop posting photos of him!

Gigi Yallouz and Owain Yeoman tied the knot in Malibu, Calif., last month. Both actors were invited by their other co-stars from different shows to attend their special day. During the ceremony, Gigi wore a full wedding gown and tied the knot with her husband.

The actor, best known for his role as Agent Wayne Rigsby on the CBS television series “The Mentalist,” married Gigi Yallouz on Sept. 7, according to People magazine. The actor proposed to Yallouz with the help of his French bulldog Cash last year. The actor also walked Cash down the aisle during the outdoor ceremony. The couple said that they are very happy with their relationship and are grateful for the love of their lives.

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