Gino 90 Day Fiance Without Hat

If you are a fan of 90 Day Fiance, you’ve probably noticed that Gino has been refusing to take off his hat on TV. When Jasmine asked him to, he refused to do so, saying that it would make him feel uncomfortable. In the meantime, fans have been suggesting that Gino should start growing a full beard. But if that’s not enough, Jasmine wants to give him a makeover. She may start by taking him to a salon. However, if his ex shows up soon, Gino might not have a very good time with his new look.

The 90 Day Fiance star also refused to take off his hat during dinner, in front of Jasmine’s mother. She later revealed that he wears a hat while sleeping and when taking a shower. In this episode, he refused to take off his hat, and the camera was able to see a patchy patch of hair on his head.

After Gino’s ex girlfriend admitted that he loves wearing hats, fans became even more curious about the real Gino without a hat. The hatless head has sparked even more interest among fans of the 90 Day Fiance series than Jasmine’s storyline. As a result, a few photos of Gino have surfaced of him without a hat. These photos are of him in various stages of his life.

Jasmine explained to her Instagram followers that Gino’s psoriasis is the real reason he wears a hat. The psoriasis is a skin condition that causes itchy and red patches. The condition is common, but there is no known cure.

The hat also made Gino appear even more vulnerable in public. One time, while he was leaving for a vacation, security agents asked him to remove his hat. Jasmine translated the instructions and he obliged. When he removed his hat, security officials inspected his head and took his photo. In the process, security agents saw a close shaved head and small bald spot.

Gino’s appearance in the throwback photo shows him a different character from the 90 Day Fiance series. It’s not clear whether he’s the same age as he is in the throwback photo, but the new image may prompt the same reactions as the old one of Big Ed Brown. The hat-less, golden-tanned version of the couple is a completely different sight from what we’re used to seeing.

The drama was brought to the surface after Gino’s former girlfriend DM’d him on Facebook. She also claimed that Gino sent her topless photos. Then, Jasmine discovered that he was on a sugar baby website, paying women to go on dates with him. Jasmine became enraged with Gino and called him a “loser” and a “depressing old man” on social media. Gino’s anger escalated, and he later broke down. Jasmine had to call in the producers. She did so after Gino talked to his friend, Linda. After talking to Linda, Jasmine’s anger increased even more.

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