Gino A N D Jasmine

Gino and Jasmine have been separated for a couple of months. The couple shared pictures on social media, with both of them wearing shirts that read, “Crazy Panamania girlfriend.” However, the couple hasn’t been seen together for a while.

Jasmine confronted Gino about his past as a “sugar daddy.” Gino admitted to paying “sugar babies” $200 to $250 to go on a dinner date. Jasmine found out about this from Gino’s ex.

Although the two have a long way to go before becoming engaged, Gino and Jasmine have worked out their differences. They’ve been communicating via social media and have Instagram accounts. Jasmine has also revealed that she’s planning to move to the US with Gino and her children.

Jasmine has also shown jealousy towards Gino’s past relationships. She has told Gino that he should get rid of any mementos of his life in Brazil and make sure that he doesn’t have anything that reminds her of his ex-wife Denise. Jasmine has also called Gino’s ex-wife Denise “stupid” while shopping in Panama City. Fortunately, Gino resisted Jasmine’s threats and stood up for his honor.

In addition to their onscreen conflicts, Jasmine and Gino are in a relationship off-screen. They’re planning a wedding and have shared a lot of love photos on Instagram. Hopefully, their long-distance engagement will work out. The two are also expected to join the cast of the 90 Day Fiance spin-off.

Despite their long-distance relationship, Jasmine and Gino are now expecting their first child together. They’re originally from different places, but they made peace with their differences while on vacation. They then decided to become a couple, and Gino proposed to Jasmine during the 90 Day Fiance trip. They’re still going strong and plan to be together in person soon.

Jasmine and Gino also have a strong friendship and a close relationship. They regularly interact on social media, and Gino is always quick to reply. However, he isn’t the most adept at posting on Instagram. In spite of his shortcomings, Jasmine is confident in her relationship with Gino.

Gino and Jasmine’s relationship has undergone many ups and downs. After meeting online in March of 2020, they travelled to Panama City to meet each other. By the time they met, they had been dating for about ten months. However, their rocky relationship had suffered a setback when they met in Panama. Jasmine began to question Gino’s sincerity, and she realized that he wasn’t lavishing attention on her.

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