Giulianna Ramirez Modelo

Giulianna Ramirez is suffering from a terrible disease. Recently, she posted a heartbreaking message on Instagram. In it, she asked for a miracle to heal her. We all hope that she’ll receive a cure soon. She posted the message after doctors told her that she had very little time left.

Giulianna Ramirez was diagnosed with colon cancer two years ago and is fighting for her life. Her cancer is advanced and has spread to her pelvis, lungs, and linfaticos. Giuliana has been battling this battle alone. She has not even told her son about her illness. She’s tried to hide her pain, trying to appear as if nothing was wrong.

Giuliana’s health has deteriorated over the years, but her faith in God and in her family’s future is unwavering. She’s a strong believer in God and prays for healing each day. She has given up her studies to care for her children.

Ramirez was diagnosed with colon cancer in early June. She didn’t panic, and doctors reassured her that it was curable. However, her condition worsened just four days before her scheduled surgery. She went to an emergency room at Mount Sinai Medical Center in Miami Beach, where she underwent further tests. A CT scan showed that she had stage four cancer. The surgery was a success, but her condition is still worrying.

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