Giulianna Ramirez

Giulianna Ramirez is a model who has achieved success on catwalks around the world. Unfortunately, two years ago, she was diagnosed with colon cancer. Despite her adversity, Ramirez says she is a fighter and is determined to fight this disease.

Ramirez’s condition is very serious and is affecting her quality of life. Recently, she posted a message on her Instagram account, asking for prayers. The message was heartbreaking, and she said she hoped to be cured of the disease. She is in desperate need of a miracle.

In June, Ramirez was diagnosed with stage four terminal cancer in her colon. The doctors had previously assured her that the disease was curable. However, she began to experience severe pain four days before her scheduled surgery. Because she was under coronavirus restrictions, she was transferred to Mount Sinai Medical Center in Miami Beach for further tests. After undergoing a CT scan, her doctors confirmed that the cancer had spread to various parts of her body.

Ramirez hopes to use her story to motivate others to be proactive about their health. She underwent a colonoscopy at age 49 and is currently undergoing chemotherapy for cancer. She also has multiple tumors in her lungs and respiratory system. She hopes her story will motivate others to get an early colonoscopy.

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