Guy Spitting Out Cereal

If you’ve ever seen cartoons or a comic strip featuring a guy spitting out cereal, you may have a hard time telling what his favorite cereal is. There are several versions of the character, and there is even a version of him that looks like he’s spouting water. Regardless of what version you enjoy, he’s a great source of entertainment.

The first version of the Cereal Guy appeared on the website All the Rage Faces in August 2011. The original cartoon character had been around for four years before his spitting counterpart made his appearance. The cartoons have also made appearances on Memegenerator and Rage Comics. The creator of the Spitting Cereal Guy hasn’t been identified yet, but it’s safe to assume the character derived from the original.

The character was originally a stick figure, but has since been used as a reaction face. Averill resurfaced the character as a reaction face on 4chan. The reaction face was initially known as STFU when I’m talking, but the phrase didn’t catch on. Later on, other derivatives were introduced, such as Cereal Guy 2.0, a polished version of the original MS paint image. Another version, known as Cereal Guy Ninja, features the character doing a roundhouse kick.

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