It is not clear when the word “guys” first became a common term in English. Most people think the term refers to males, but some people think the word is gender neutral. However, the word has undergone a few changes over the last four hundred years, including its use as a plural. Around the turn of the century, it began to be used by women as well as men.

The term “guys” first entered the Australian lexicon around the 1970s, mainly due to American radio and television programs. Today, most people use the word, especially among younger people. Though the term “guys” has its controversies, it does not have a patriarchal history. Originally, the term was used in reference to the British historical figure, Guy Fawkes. Later, it came to mean any male.

Hey guys! is a common greeting, but it’s important to remember that it’s not gender-neutral. Typically, when someone says “Hey guys,” they are referring to men. However, “guys” can also refer to mixed gender groups, although some American youths use it for groups consisting of only women. The word also refers to animals, usually male. However, there are instances when it can be used to refer to female animals.

In addition to gender-neutrality, “guys” is also non-inclusionary when used in the workplace. For example, addressing female colleagues by “guys” is likely to offend women colleagues. The term can be used if you know your colleagues well, but using it in a more formal setting may be a bad idea.

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