Henry Cuellar Net Worth

Henry Cuellar Net Worth

Henry Cuellar is one of the more conservative Democrats in Congress and represents an electoral district with deep blue hues. Since 2005, he has served in Congress and will run for reelection in 2022; many progressives have targeted him with primary challengers as an insurgent challenger; one group such as Justice Democrats announced on Friday they will recruit one.

Cuellar represents a Democratic district where Hillary Clinton won by nearly 20 points in 2016. Yet he has attracted the ire of progressives dissatisfied with his voting record and conduct as an elected representative in the US House of Representatives.

Cuellar is an ambitious self-made man, having successfully transitioned from being a migrant laborer into becoming an attorney and entrepreneur. Born to Mexican-American parents who traveled annually from Texas to Laredo for seasonal work until finally settling permanently there. His father worked as a carpenter/laborer while his mother cooked in local restaurants; Cuellar’s parents worked as carpenters/laborers/carpenter-laborers himself while Cuellar himself earned degrees such as associate’s degree (Bachelor’s/Bachelor’s/Master’s/Law Degree/PhD).

He published an academic book, The Laredo Migration Experience, and established a law firm in Laredo, Texas. Additionally, Imelda serves as his wife while both children attend Laredo schools; their law firm specializes in immigration law.

As a lawmaker, Cuellar must file annual financial disclosure statements. These documents give insight into their assets, liabilities and other details about lawmakers. His latest filing reveals he owns assets totalling between $800K-$1.8M with most being in mutual funds and retirement accounts; in addition he owns stakes in various companies like Condo On Marcella St, Ivcz Parts Supplies & Services Alliance Life Insurance Company Of North America as well as Irc Business Solutions.

Cuellar maintains an extremely modest debt level of only $6,000. His most valuable asset is a home in Laredo valued at more than $770,000; additionally he owns other properties within the city as well as investments in several businesses such as El Toro Loco restaurant chain. Cuellar also holds various trustee roles at Laredo Municipal Auditorium and owns shares in Texas A&M International University; further, he invests in several hedge funds backed by LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman as well. At the end of 2018, Cuellar had approximately $250,000 saved up in his campaign war chest; that figure will likely grow as the race intensifies. Still, Cuellar should easily coast back to reelection as no Republicans are competing in his district in 2022.

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