Hines Ward Net Worth

Hines Ward Net Worth

Hines Ward was an NFL player from 1998-2012 for the Pittsburgh Steelers, winning two Super Bowls and entering into the 1,000 receptions club during that time. Additionally, he appeared four Pro Bowl games and earned three second team All-Pro selections during that period of play. Since 2012 he has transitioned into coaching roles – currently working as an offensive assistant for New York Jets.

Football career aside, he has also invested in real estate and other businesses – even making some cameo appearances such as in The Dark Knight Rises which has only increased his net worth and popularity.

Ward was born 8 March 1976 in Seoul, South Korea and grew up in Atlanta where he attended Forest Park High School and the University of Georgia as an outstanding student-athlete. Following graduation he was selected in the third round of the 1998 NFL Draft by Pittsburgh Steelers where he went on to make 14 years as their All-Time Receiving Yards Leader and Set Receiver Record Holder.

At his time with the Steelers, he won two championship teams between 2005 and 2008. During that time he made four Pro Bowl appearances and received three Second Team All-Pro awards, becoming one of the most beloved players in league. Off season he tried his hand at business by opening The Locker Room bar in Pittsburgh; eventually buying out its other co-owners through legal battles to rename it as South Side 86.

Ward has also established himself as a prominent public advocate of change, active in various charities such as organizing “hope-sharing” meetings for multiracial Korean children. Furthermore, he is an outspoken supporter of LGBT rights having donated $1 Million to the LGBT Sports Foundation.

As a result of his charitable work, Ward is an inspiration to many young people around the globe. His message of hope and love resonates throughout communities everywhere – making him an endearing presence within these societies.

Ward is married to Lindsey Georgalas Ward and they share one son together named Jaden. Ward has made headlines for his advocacy for LGBT rights and against discrimination on multiple occasions. Additionally, he is known for helping homeless individuals, often feeding the hungry when homeless shelters do not. Furthermore, Ward has spoken out against domestic violence as well as supporting survivors of rape or assault who come forward afterward. Lastly, his net worth stands at $16 Million thanks primarily to his successful career as an NFL player; in total this makes up most of this impressive sum despite only 14 years spent playing professionally – something few can say can. We anticipate him continuing this success for many more years as his career flourishes thereby further increasing his net worth further.

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