Is Eli Leaving Days Of Our Lives

Fans of Days of Our Lives have been waiting for Eli Grant to wake up from his coma to find out why his father shot him. In the meantime, Lani Price Grant has been getting closer to Eli Grant’s biological father, TR Coates. After learning that TR was assaulting Paulina Price, Lani went after him and found him. Eli and Lani eventually got married.

In October, Eli ran into an old friend, Sheila, who thought Eli owed her money after betraying lol years ago. Sheila wanted to leave town for good and needed money. After refusing to give her the money, Eli decided to go undercover to catch her brother. Sheila’s brother was killed in front of Eli. The couple was devastated.

The cast of Days of Our Lives has also been hit by several departures. The actress playing Abigail Deveraux is leaving the show, and Lamon Archey, who plays Eli Grant, is leaving the show. Both actors have been on other shows since their departure from Days.

When Eli shows up at Julie’s funeral, the two of them are at odds with each other. Nonetheless, they share a special bond since David brought them to Salem. Julie promised Eli she would be his houseguest from hell. Later, she also promised Doug that they would never leave Salem. The two are so close that Eli’s great-grandson is named after their mother.

There is another reason why Eli is leaving Days of Our Lives. The actor wants to try other things. He has been talking about the fact that he misses the role of Lani. If the actors are able to get along, he could be back in the show a lot.

Eli and Lani are married, despite Gabi’s interference. Later, they had twins. Eli and Lani became inseparable. In the midst of the wedding, Lani shoots TR Coates. Eli tried to convince Paulina to take the rap, but Lani refused to let her. Abe later revealed the truth and Lani is relieved.

The upcoming episode of Days of Our Lives also features the reunion of Mike Manning and Abigail Klein. Both actors have been working together for years. They met on the set of A&E and fell in love. They were so close that Sami even took a picture of them together, which left Sami in shock. Afterward, they joked about signing the papers not meaning anything. However, the two still love each other and are determined to make things work out.

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