Is Tammy Slaton Still Alive

Recently, Tammy Slaton has been the subject of death rumors, but she has come out of the quarantine to address them. In a recent interview, she told fans that she was “simply taking some time off” from the internet to take care of her health. She also said that the rumors were very frustrating, because they were causing her fans to worry about nothing. The actress said she couldn’t just disappear from social media and people would assume she was dead, which was untrue.

Tammy Slaton was born on July 27, 1986, in Dixon, Kentucky, and she is 35 years old. She is a pansexual and has admitted to being pansexual. She also recently posted a photo of her second son, Glenn. In the photo, Glenn loves sitting, while his big brother Gage stands guard over him. Fans went crazy over the picture of the two of them, gushing over their cuteness.

While Tammy Slaton is still alive, her weight is not, and she is still working on her fitness goals in rehab. Her weight has decreased significantly while she has been in rehab. She is also active on social media, and fans have been reacquainted with her progress. She uses filters, different angles, and a lot of make-up in her photos.

In a recent interview, Tammy Slaton was asked about her health. She has been in a rehab center for 30 days, and she lost over 115 pounds. She currently weighs 556 pounds. While her weight fluctuates, the fact that she has been in rehab for so long does not indicate her overall health.

Many fans have wondered if Tammy Slaton is still alive. The actress has been outspoken about her weight loss. Although she appeared on “1000-Lb Sisters” for the second season, there were rumours that she may be leaving the wellness center. This rumor was covered in the news site TVShowAce. The actress has also urged her fans to think for themselves and to stop believing false reports.

Despite the rumors, Tammy Slaton is still alive and well. She has been busy with her COVID rehabilitation and her relationship with sister Amy Slaton. She has been updated on social media, and her latest TikTok post has been posted on March 27. However, she is still using a breathing tube and has been struggling to lose the weight she gained in her COVID rehab.

Tammy Slaton has a complicated family history. She had a difficult childhood and a difficult relationship with food. She lost her grandmother at an early age and dreamed of having children. She weighed more than 600 pounds at one time and was deemed a candidate for gastric bypass surgery, but didn’t stick with it.

The actress is currently 33 years old and has a son named Gage. Her followers on Instagram haven’t seen her in nearly three weeks. She also has a GoFundMe account, which raises money for her funeral.

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