J Crew Tall

J Crew clothing sizes are usually very true to size. There is no extra space on stretch fabrics or in hems and sleeves, and sizing is not based on a slender fit. The brand’s goal is to accommodate a variety of shapes and sizes. They also feature five standard measurement charts.

Talls and Petites are not typically available in stores. They’re considered “Special Sizes” by the brand. As a result, it can be difficult to purchase a J.Crew style if you’re not “regular.” The brand’s website says “Tall” and Petite sizes are no longer available in stores.

Size charts are a useful tool in finding the right size. People often make the mistake of purchasing the wrong size when shopping online, but size charts are the easiest way to find the correct fit. If you shop for clothing online, it’s harder to use a tape measure, so you should always measure yourself. It’s also helpful to follow the size guide from each brand. Or, you could create a spreadsheet of your measurements and refer to it when shopping online.

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