Jacqueline Durand Body Cam Footage

The University of Texas at Dallas student Jacqueline Durand has gone viral thanks to her body cam footage. She has received over 800 dog bites, and the public’s response has been heartwarming. While she will undergo grueling surgery this week, she will be back on campus in December 2021.

She was left with a bloody face after the dogs attacked her. The dogs ripped off her clothing and left most of her face missing below the eyes. Her neighbor called emergency services and she was transported to the hospital. She had to be revived on a trauma room table. Her injuries were so severe, the dogs tore off nearly every piece of her body.

Durand survived the attack only because the family left the front door open. When the dogs attacked her, the door was left open, which triggered the home’s security alarm. Justin Bishop, the dog’s owner, told police that he and his wife had never had a dog attack before, and their children had no history of violent behavior. As a result, they are being sued for $1 million for the attack. Bishops’ family is denying all allegations of negligence.

The body cam footage shows cops trying to control the dogs and unable to restrain them. She was bitten about 800 times and lost over thirty percent of her blood. The body cam footage shows cops fumbling with the dogs as she was walking her dogs, a German shepherd mix named Lucy. The dog bites were severe, and Durand was left with a scarred face. She needed seven hours of life-saving surgery.

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