Jagger Joseph Blue Goldberg

Jagger Joseph Blue Goldberg
Jagger Joseph Blue Goldberg is the daughter of Jagger Soleil Moon Frye. She is 12 years old. The other children of Jagger and Soleil are Poet Sienna Rose (who is 15 years old), Lyric Sonny Roads (who is six), and Story (who is four years old). Jagger Joseph Blue Goldberg was born on March 17, 2008.

Soleil Moon Frye
Soleil Moon Frye and Jagg Goldberg have filed for divorce. Frye was the co-founder of P.S. XO, which makes party decorating kits. The company later expanded to include family DIY kits and an app. They are now in the process of merging with another company called Seedling, which produces activity kits.

Frye has always encouraged her daughter to do plays, but she has not let her daughter work in the film business. She says that she wants to let her daughter have fun and be a kid, but she will let her work in the business eventually. Jagger’s mother shared these words of wisdom on social media.

Soleil Moon Frye is the former wife of TV producer Jason Goldberg, but they are still coparenting their four children. They married in 1998 and have four children together: Poet Sienna Rose Goldberg (born August 24, 2005), Jagger Joseph Blue Goldberg (born March 17, 2008), Lyric (born May 2014), and Story (born in May 2016).

Jason Goldberg
Producer and director of films and television shows, Jason Goldberg has worked on a number of movies and shows. His credits include Guess Who, The Butterfly Effect, and Beauty and the Geek. He is also known for collaborating with Ashton Kutcher on many projects. His work has received positive reviews from critics.

Goldberg is also a board member of the environmental group EMA. He has been married to Soleil Moon Frye since 1998. Their three children are Poet Sienna Rose Goldberg (born in 2005), Lyric Sonny Roads (born in 2014), and Story (born in 2016). In 2016, Goldberg and Frye separated after 22 years of marriage. The couple will continue to share joint custody of their children. The couple will also split the royalties from the 2021 Punky Brewster reboot and the Sabrina the Teenage Witch reboot. Frye will also keep her income from her work on shows from the 80s and 90s.

Jason Goldberg is a film and television producer with a net worth of $5 million. He co-owns the production company Katalyst Films with Ashton Kutcher. He was born in Bel Air, California, and began his career as a producer in the mid-90s.

Sienna Rose Goldberg
Jagger Joseph Blue Goldberg and Sienna Rose Goldberg are siblings. They were born in 1995 and 1998, respectively. Both are actors and film creators. Sienna and Jagger are now in their twenties. They were named after their mother’s name, which is of French origin.

The parents of Sienna Rose Goldberg and Jagger Joseph Blue Goldberg are Soleil Moon Frye and Jason Goldberg. Both are Jewish, and they married in 1998. They later separated. They welcomed their second child, Lyric Sonny Roads, on March 17, 2008. Sadly, the couple separated in 2011, after more than two decades of marriage.

Jagger Joseph Blue Goldberg and Sienna Rose Goldberg are the youngest of Soleil Moon Frye’s three children. Soleil Moon Frye, who has two daughters with Jason Goldberg, also has two sons. The two have been wanting to have another child for a long time. Now, after the new addition, they may want to have a fourth.

Jagger’s relationship with Ashton Kutcher
Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis met on the set of ‘That 70s Show’ and started a relationship. The couple married in July 2014 and have one child together, Wyatt Isabelle. Despite their rocky start, the couple has remained friends ever since. Mila was previously linked to Macaulay Culkin, a star of ‘Home Alone.’ Afterward, the two were reunited at the Golden Globes, where Ashton proposed to her. In addition, they welcomed a son named Dimitri Portwood Kutcher.

Kunis and Kutcher’s relationship is not the first celebrity couple to break up. Both women have been married before. Ashton Kutcher’s first marriage ended in divorce, and he had to pay his ex $874 in alimony. Kunis’ relationship with Kutcher is described as “weird,” but she said that the two were meant to be together again years after they met. While denying rumors of a split, the two women spoke candidly about their parenting style.

Kutcher and Mila Kunis met during a production of ‘That ’70s Show. They dated for over a decade, and have two children together. In addition to dating, the two stars have donated to humanitarian causes. The couple recently raised $30 million for Ukrainian refugees.

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