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Jahaura Jeffries Claims Trey Songz Sexually Assaulted Her With His Fingers

In a recent article, Jahaura Jeffries claims that hip hop star and pop star Trey Songz sexually assaulted her with his fingers. She also claims Songz humiliated and threatened her. She claims she sustained scrapes and bruises. What exactly did Songz do?

Songz allegedly sexually assaulted jahaura jeffries with his fingers

Singer Trey Songz is being sued by a woman named Jahaura Jeffries for allegedly sexually assaulting her with his fingers. Jeffries, formerly known as Jane Doe, was at a New Year’s Eve party when she met Songz. She says he sexually assaulted her with his fingers as she danced on a high-slit couch.

The sexual assault claims are based on a woman’s account of the incident, which Songz denies. Jeffries claims that Songz planted his finger in her vagina without her consent and he pulled it out as she turned around. Jeffries immediately got off the couch and sat in shock. Other women also allege that Songz assaulted them in the same way.

The singer’s lawyers say that an unnamed witness can testify to Songz’s innocence. The witness was present at the club where the alleged assault occurred, but says she did not see Songz sexually assault Jeffries. However, a lead attorney for Jeffries tries to persuade her to change her story.

Trey Songz has denied the accusation, but it seems the same woman has hired a lawyer to fight against him in a potential sexual assault lawsuit. The woman claims the alleged assault took place at a famous Las Vegas nightclub, and she has hired a lawyer to represent her. The legal team already told PEOPLE that they will take action against Songz in the coming weeks. Jahaura Jeffries’ legal team is also representing her in the case.

Songz allegedly threatened and ridiculed her

A Miami nightclub was the scene of an incident involving Trey Songz and Jahaura Jeffries, who were seated near each other when Songz began to yell, threaten, and spit water in Jeffries’ face. The rapper was allegedly under the influence of alcohol when the incident occurred. Jeffries alleges that Songz’s behavior was negligent and resulted in emotional distress and physical injury. Jeffries is seeking $20 million in damages for her injuries.

The incident occurred during a nightclub visit in which Songz and Jeffries were drinking and smoking. They had been invited by Songz to a private table. When Jeffries began dancing, Songz allegedly “violated” her with his fingers. The rapper then allegedly pulled her from the couch and pushed her onto the pavement. Jeffries was in a state of shock when she turned around and saw Songz pulling her hand away from her bottom. Songz’s company is attempting to dismiss Jeffries’ lawsuit.

Jeffries, who was recording the encounter, said she was trying to record the encounter in order to protect herself. Songz then ordered the driver to pull over and grab the phone. Songz then pushed Jeffries onto the pavement and attempted to take her phone.

After the incident, Jeffries began to record Trey. She was recording with her cell phone. As the video was being recorded, Jeffries began to yell at him. Trey’s driver then pushed her out of the car. He also threw water in Jeffries’ face, which reportedly caused her injuries. In addition to Songz and Diddy, Jeffries is also suing for negligence, civil assault, and emotional distress.

Jeffries claims she suffered scrapes and bruises

Jahaura Jeffries says she was attacked by singer Trey Songz. The incident happened on New Year’s Eve, when the two were at a nightclub. Songz was in the car with Jeffries, who was sitting next to him in the middle seat. Jeffries says she was terrified and began recording the incident for her own safety. She says Songz tried to take her cell phone and threw her onto the street, but she fought back and recorded the entire incident.

The lawsuit claims that Songz and Jeffries were intoxicated at the time of the incident. The plaintiff claims she turned around when she felt the fingers of the Defendant reaching her vagina. She then turned around to see Songz yanking her hand away from her bottom. The two fought for a minute before Jeffries got out of the car. Jeffries was left in a “state of shock” following the incident, according to her lawsuit. The suit also lists Trey Songz and Diddy as defendants.

Trey Songz is attempting to end the Miami sexual assault case, claiming that a key witness tampered with evidence. The rapper also accused the woman’s attorney of bribing a key witness by paying him to testify against Songz. Jahaura Jeffries has filed suit against the rapper, asking for $20 million in damages.

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