Jahavaris Fulton

Jahavaris Fulton

Jahavaris Fulton is one of the most prominent and influential black leaders in the country. In this article, we’ll discuss His role as one of the surviving offspring of Trayvon Martin, testimony on George Zimmerman’s murder trial, his involvement with the 5000 Role Models of Excellence Project, and his views on self-defense laws. He also outlines his plans for the future.

Trayvon Martin’s only surviving offspring

Jahavaris Fulton, the only surviving offspring of Trayvon Martin, is a powerful voice of hope in this nation. His mother, Tracy Martin, divorced him in 1999 and became an activist. She attended the first press conferences and interviews after Trayvon’s death but refused to go back to her home state of Central Florida. Crump and the other Martin family members pushed the Martin and Fulton families to go to Washington, D.C. and New York to share their story with members of Congress. The Martin family also huddled together in the hotel lobby to pray with Rev. Jesse Jackson.

Jahavaris Fulton, Trayvon Martin’s only surviving sibling, said that he believes Trayvon was acting in self-defense. He is also a public figure in the New York City local government scene, as a voice of inspiration for young men of color. He currently serves as a special assistant to the NYC Young Men’s Initiative, a public-private partnership with the mayor’s office that focuses on health, education, and employment issues.

His testimony on George Zimmerman’s murder

Jahavaris Fulton’s testimony in the George Zimmerman trial focuses on the moment after Martin fired a gun, when the teenager started screaming. In his testimony, Fulton described Martin’s tattoos. But when asked about the 911 call, Zimmerman’s lawyer objected to some of Fulton’s statements.

As O’Mara pointed out during her closing argument, Fulton’s testimony was not the only one to question Zimmerman’s actions. He also claimed that the caller’s voice was on the 911 tape. But Trayvon Fulton’s mother said that she recognized her son’s voice on the calls.

In addition to Fulton’s testimony, Zimmerman’s uncle Jorge Meza gave a compelling testimony. His voice is clearly in the 911 recording. Meza also testified that Fulton knew George Zimmerman. NBC Universal denies the claim and has hired an attorney to represent Zimmerman.

Jahvaris Fulton said he didn’t listen to the 911 call before the Sanford City Hall hearing and the TV interview because he was so upset. He says he’s since listened to the recording.

His involvement in the 5000 Role Models of Excellence Project

The 5000 Role Models of Excellence Project is a dropout prevention and mentoring program that focuses on providing youth with positive role models. It offers educational experiences, workshops, and leadership development opportunities to increase minority male employability and close the achievement gap. The project aims to educate young men about the importance of healthy living, respect, and responsibility. Its participants include local television news anchors, Miami Gardens mayor Oliver Gilbert III, and Miami-Dade County School Board member Dr. Steven Gallon III.

Thousands of young men have benefited from this mentoring program. The project was founded by Congresswoman Frederica Wilson and has since mentored over 8,000 young boys in the Miami-Dade Public School System. The goal is to prepare these young men for the real world.

His views on self-defense laws

In an essay titled “A Son’s Death: The Impact of Jahavaris Fulton’s Self-Defense Law on Racial Justice,” Fulton reflects on the events of that fateful day in 2012, and the effect those events had on the racial justice movement. He describes how the media obsessively focused on his son’s past, with social media posts being dug up and used to manipulate public opinion. He laments that his son was never given the chance to learn from his mistakes. Regardless of what side you’re on, Fulton’s views on self-defense law are worth considering.

Fulton’s views on self-defense law are a response to the tragic case of Trayvon Martin. While Fulton believes George Zimmerman killed Trayvon Martin in self-defense, he wants to see changes made to Florida’s “stand-your-ground” laws. These laws allow a person to use deadly force against an attacker if they feel a threat is imminent.

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