James Charles Twerk

James Charles Twerk

James Charles Dickinson is a makeup artist and beauty YouTuber from the U.S. With over 4 million subscribers, James Charles is quickly becoming one of the top performers on the YouTube platform. His videos are entertaining and inspiring and are often shared across the Internet. He even invited Stormy to compete in a twerking competition!

James Charles Dickinson is an American beauty YouTuber

James Charles Dickinson is an American beauty and fashion YouTuber who has been active since 2012. His videos have racked up more than 15 million views since his debut in February 2015. His popularity is due to his vlogs, which are often short and to-the-point. While James’ videos have garnered millions of views, he’s also been accused of misconduct and disloyalty. However, he has denied all allegations. In addition, he has expressed his displeasure at Tati Westbrook’s treatment of him. While this episode has not yet been officially released, the video became the most disliked video on YouTube. James then defended himself by uploading a 41-minute video that gained renewed online support.

James Charles has won numerous awards for his videos. He has been nominated for several Streamy Awards in the past, including Creator of the Year, Show of the Year, and Unscripted Series. In 2018, he won the Beauty category at the Streamy Awards, which is an award given to the best creator in a variety of categories. Currently, James Charles has more than 25 million subscribers and is the most popular beauty YouTuber in the world.

He is a makeup artist

James Charles Twerk is a YouTube vlogger and makeup artist. He has become one of the top YouTube makeup artists and has made a name for himself. He has been featured on the cover of Vogue Portugal and is a host of the YouTube Originals series “Instant Influencer.” He is passionate about the importance of embracing your inner beauty and he uses his talents to help others achieve the same goals. James also has a younger brother named Ian, who is also a famous internet personality. Together, they have created merchandise for James’s clothing line, “Instant Influencer”.

Charles’s success has spawned controversy. In February 2017, he faced backlash for posting racist tweets about Africa and the Ebola virus. Although CoverGirl publicly condemned his comments, the company remained loyal to the artist and did not cut ties with him. He was quick to respond and said that the comments were “awful”. However, Charles is not going away anytime soon. He is still actively working towards his goal of creating a more positive environment for beauty lovers.

He twerks in swimming pools

James Charles has been in the news recently for twerking in swimming pools. The YouTube star is no stranger to controversy. Two months ago, he was banned from the internet for posting a twerking video on Instagram. The video caused a firestorm on social media as the actor lost over 100k followers in just two days.

James Charles, a drag queen and transgender person, has been spending days by the pool, and he has been posting videos of himself shimmying around in a cut-out one-piece swimsuit. When he posted the video, a lot of his followers unfollowed him, claiming that it was a BBL. James Charles has reportedly lost 80,000 Instagram followers, and is now at 22.9 million.

He invites Stormy to a twerking contest

James Charles has been in the middle of a lot of controversy lately. Just two months ago, he was banned from the internet after posting a video of himself twerking. In a matter of days, he lost more than 100k followers on Instagram. And now, he invites Stormy to a twirling contest.

He has a $10 million net worth

James Charles Twerk has been gaining popularity as of late, and his YouTube channel is one of the most popular on the Internet. His videos have received over a billion views, and he has more than 17 million subscribers. His net worth is in the multi-millions, and he earns a whopping $20,500 per post. James Charles is so popular that he even has his own makeup line! He also does makeup for other celebrities and has appeared in a few cameos.

Charles is not only an influencer on the Internet, but he also has a passion for the music industry. He also has a clothing line called Sisters Apparel, which he markets directly to consumers. In addition to these two ventures, Charles is also working on launching his own beauty line!

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