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James Franco’s mustache

James Franco’s mustache is a classic example of edgy facial hair. This actor, who is known for his character roles, has been sporting the mustache for several years. Most recently, he showed up at the Venice Film Festival sporting a fake mustache reminiscent of those worn by the likes of Montgomery Clift and Elizabeth Taylor. While many people might wonder whether the mustache is real, Franco claims to be in character for the movie ZEROVILLE, a movie adaptation of Steve Erickson’s book of the same name. The film revolves around a young man who is obsessed with film and navigates Hollywood in the 1970s.

The mustache was not the only controversial aspect of the film. The actor’s appearance at the event was criticized by a number of Twitter users. While he defended his decision to wear the mustache, some users were not so kind to the actor. Some even suggested that the actor cut his mustache, which he did a few days ago. Then, the actor promised to sing at the Academy Awards.

In other news, HBO has released the trailer for upcoming drama “The Deuce,” starring James Franco’s mustache. Unlike his last movie, “The Wire” was set in the 1970s, when prostitution and porn were rampant in Manhattan. HBO last tackled the ’70s with “Vinyl,” which was cancelled after one season. The premiere of “The Deuce” is September 10.

His mustache

The actor’s mustache is the only thing that makes him smile on the red carpet. Unlike the rest of Hollywood, he’s not afraid to let his mustache grow out. The actor is set to star in Jon Amiel’s action thriller Mace. We’ll have to wait and see if his mustache will be a feature in the film.

James Franco has a mustache, and he grew it for a movie role. He has a mustache because the role requires him to have one. Moreover, it helps him to look more serious. His mustache also helps him to be more approachable. It makes him feel more confident about himself.

In “Zeroville,” Franco plays a film obsessive named Vikar. The film is based on the 2007 novel by Steve Erickson. Franco optioned the book in March 2011 and is set to star and direct the film. He plays Ike “Vikar” Jerome, a film fanatic who travels to 1970s Hollywood to explore the film industry. In the movie, he meets a number of Hollywood icons, including Brian De Palma, Robert De Niro, and John Milius.

James Franco’s mustache is a signature feature of his image, making him a favorite of Hollywood fans. It gives him a certain confidence that he can successfully make it in the contemporary art world. As a movie star, he’s a confident actor, but he has a certain aloofness that makes him look a bit strange. He may not be as confident as his Hollywood counterparts, but he certainly knows how to woo the ladies.

Despite all the rumors that surround James Franco, he’s been able to maintain a good image and make a living in the entertainment industry. But his career is edging towards the gonzo side, similar to Lady Gaga’s. In the meantime, blogs report on his texting habits at parties and bizarre gossip about the film shoots.

The actor’s mustache is a signature feature that makes him smile. He has several projects on the go, including his next film, a short play, and an art show. He also gives readings and classes to aspiring directors, and is currently working on a biography about himself and his career.

As a college student, Franco also has a love of academics. He enrolled in a series of UCLA extension courses. The professors there are strict about maximum course load requirements, but James Franco persuaded the advisers to let him exceed them. He took 62 credits in one quarter, almost three times his normal workload. He even recorded lectures for himself.

The actress Ahna O’Reilly was James Franco’s ex-girlfriend. She starred in the movie “The Help” and in a film called “The Big Sex Scene” with Brian Green. In September of this year, O’Reilly was attacked by fire ants while filming in Mississippi.

Franco’s mustache is one of the things that make him smile. It is a perfect mirror of the actor’s face. It makes him look very good. It makes him feel young and fresh. This is also why he is so popular. The actor has been nominated for a Saturn Award for his role in The Interview. In addition to acting, he also directed a comedy entitled The Ape.

Despite his mustache, he is one of the few actors who can keep the crowd entertained. This year, he’s starred in another adaptation of William Faulkner’s novel, The Sound and the Fury. In the film, Franco also plays a developmentally disabled boy named Benjy.

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