Jamie Hector Scar

The scar on the left cheek of Jamie Hector’s face is a noticeable and recognizable feature. He’s been in the entertainment industry since 1997, and is best known for his role as drug authority Marlo Stanfield on the hit TV show The Wire. He’s also known for his violent personality and his penchant to buy the lives of those who disobey him.

Although Hector disliked the Hollywood way of life, he kept on trying. His acting coach encouraged him to keep working, and he made his professional debut in 1997. His family and friends were unaware of his acting career, so he hid it from them. Hector has since gone on to play a number of popular roles, including Marlo Stanfield in The Wire.

As a young man, Hector had a rough childhood. He had been exposed to a lot of violence and risky situations while playing a drug lord on the HBO show. However, he survived an incident at a baby shower party that almost cost him his life. In July 2009, he and his wife, Jennifer Amelia, were hosting a party when a gatecrasher opened fire on them.

Jamie Hector Scar was born in Brooklyn, New York City, United States. He completed his primary schooling in his native area, and went on to earn a BA in acting at Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute. He later married Jennifer Amelia, and the couple has two children. One daughter was born in 2009, and a son was born in 2016.

In addition to his work on the stage, Hector has also been seen on the television series “Bosch.” He appeared in almost half of the series, and played the role of homicide detective Jerry Edgar in the series. In addition, he has starred in the USA drama series “Queen of the South” as Devon Finch.

The film “The Wire” made him a household name. Before the premiere of The Wire, his parents were not aware of his acting career. They only learned about his fame when HBO sent a limo to his parents’ home. His parents are fine with the fact that he’s famous, but they want to maintain the key to their son’s heart.

Despite his scar, Jamie Hector refuses to discuss how he got it. The actor has never revealed the story behind the scar, which is a shame, since it is so prominent and visible. He considers it his trademark, but he never mentions it. The actor’s scar on the left cheek is almost a goatee, and it resembles a knife scar.

Aside from acting, Jamie Hector also runs a clothing line. His clothing line is called Royal Addiction, and it is based in Brooklyn, New York. He’s worn several t-shirts designed by his clothing line over the years.

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