Jamie Lee Curtis

Jamie Lee Curtis – Actress, Producer, Children’s Book Author, and Activist

Jamie Lee Curtis is an American actress, producer, children’s book author, and activist. She first came to prominence as Lt. Barbara Duran on the ABC sitcom Operation Petticoat. In 1992, she became a member of the Cannes Film Festival’s jury. Curtis is also active in the philanthropic community.

She is a political activist

Jamie Lee Curtis has a long history of activism, including her work as a human rights activist and her support of the LGBTQ community. In 2012, she starred as Sandy Stier in Dustin Lance Black’s play “8.” A year later, she joined the ranks of many other stars speaking out about the Orlando Pulse shooting. More recently, she appeared in a Human Rights Campaign video announcing the launch of the Americans for Equality Act.

The actress is currently campaigning for Hillary Clinton. She pledged to drive a stiletto through her eye if Hillary Clinton was not elected president in 2017. Then, she donated blood. Her political activism is far from over. She supports many causes, including women’s health and the fight against gender bias.

Curtis, 48, was born in Santa Monica, California, in 1958. She is the daughter of Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh. Curtis was raised by her mother and stepfather after her father’s death. She later dropped out of college to pursue a career in acting.

She is an actress

Jamie Lee Curtis is an actress, producer, children’s author, and activist. She first gained attention for her role as Lt. Barbara Duran on the ABC sitcom Operation Petticoat. Today, her career spans films and television shows and she has written and produced children’s books.

Jamie Lee Curtis made her film acting debut in Halloween (1978). The film became a commercial success and was one of the highest-grossing independent films of its time. She starred in Halloween II (1981), Halloween III (1992), and Halloween: Resurrection (1998). She later starred in the remake of Freaky Friday. Jamie Lee Curtis is one of the few celebrities to write a book for children.

The actress has remained active in show business for over four decades and continues to have success. She continues to defy the “sell-by date” myth by continuing to pursue her career. In addition to her acting career, Curtis is also an investor in Walker & Dunlop. She recently added to her resume by becoming a spokesperson for Yoplait, a popular yogurt company.

She was a member of the Cannes Film Festival jury in 1992

The 45th Cannes Film Festival was held from May 7-18, 1992. The Palme d’Or award went to the film “The Best of Times,” directed by Bille August. The opening film was “Basic Instinct,” directed by Paul Verhoeven. The closing film, “Far and Away,” was directed by James Cameron.

Curtis, who was born in Los Angeles, started her acting career at a young age. She acted in several films and began starring roles in the 1980s. Her breakthrough performance in Halloween established her as a noted actress, not only in the horror genre but also in the comedy genre.

She later appeared in two other films: “Treasure Island” and “The Proposal.” She also appeared in “The Other Woman,” a movie about a young woman who has a difficult relationship with her husband. Her role as a young prostitute, in the 1992 film “Trading Places,” was received with favorable reviews.

She is a philanthropist

Jamie Lee Curtis is a well-known philanthropist who has given her time to a variety of causes. She is a board member for the Starlight Children’s Foundation and an honorary director for Kidsave, as well as a political activist and advocate for the rights of children. Curtis is also a recovering alcoholic and has volunteered for several philanthropic projects.

Curtis made her film debut in John Carpenter’s “Halloween” in 1978. The film was a box office hit and garnered critical praise. She later appeared in “The Fog” and “Prom Night”, two horror films that received mixed reviews. After her first horror movie, she was nominated for a BAFTA.

Jamie Lee Curtis’ philanthropy includes donations to a Los Angeles public radio station. She also supports veteran’s organizations and progressive organizations. Her husband, actor Christopher Guest, also supports philanthropic causes.

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