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Jana Kramer and Ex Husband Ian Schinelli Are No Longer Together

After a long and rocky marriage, Jana Kramer and ex husband Ian Schinelli announced their split in April 2018. In a candid interview with People, Kramer revealed that she wanted to stay with her ex for the sake of their children. The two have been coparenting for one year. However, it appears the two are not talking anymore. Kramer is still active on Instagram.

Ian Schinelli

Jana Kramer and her Navy veteran ex husband Ian Schinelli are no longer together. The couple split in April. While Jana Kramer has been open about the breakup, Ian has been more private. On Tuesday, however, Ian opened up about the split. Ian explained to Us Weekly that the breakup left both of them emotionally exhausted.

The two met through Andrew East, and were introduced at a party. On October 20, 2021, they dated, but broke up two months later. Both parties blamed each other for the split. Ian accused Kramer of cheating on him and claimed that she was involved with several other men during their marriage to Mike Caussin.

After the breakup, Ian and Jana Kramer started dating again. In January, the couple announced their relationship on Instagram. The two shared a daughter named Jolie, and a son named Jace. The relationship was brief, but very public. They got engaged in December, and got married on May 22, 2015.

The split has left fans confused. Ian and Jana Kramer split in January 2022. The two had a “toxic” relationship, with Ian being accusing Kramer of infidelity. The relationship ended after Ian accused her of cheating, but Kramer has been friends with Ian’s ex-wife, and has been speaking on her behalf.

Mike Caussin

Two months after Jana Kramer filed for divorce, her ex husband Mike Caussin has been spotted out with mystery woman. The pair were photographed together for the first time since romance rumors surfaced earlier this month. According to the star, Mike posted pictures of himself with “a mystery woman.”

The couple have two children together. They separated in 2016, but reconciled after Kramer underwent a sex addiction treatment program. They finalized their divorce in 2021. Their divorce is the result of a long and tumultuous relationship.

Jana Kramer has recently opened up on her divorce from her ex husband Mike Caussin. The two married in 2014 and have two children together, Jolie and Jace. Their split came after Mike Caussin cheated on Kramer. In addition to divorce, Jana Kramer filed for joint custody of the children and asked her ex husband to pay alimony and their legal fees.

After the split, Kramer has continued to pursue her passions. The comedian has a podcast and is working on a new album. She also continues to write books and holds the title of New York Times Best-Selling Author. Her new beau, fitness trainer Ian Schinelli, made their relationship public on Tuesday. The two have shared photos on Instagram and even appeared in TikTok challenges together.

Jana Kramer

Jana Kramer’s ex husband, Navy veteran Nick Schinelli, has been very active on Instagram. The former couple split in April after six years of marriage. After confirming that they were back together, the pair shared a photo of their vacation in the Florida Keys. This relationship was brief, as the pair had recently announced their separation.

The two split in April 2021, but Kramer later revealed that she wanted to stay together with her ex for the sake of the children. Kramer and Caussin had been coparenting their children for a year when the news broke. She has since spoken about her heartbreak in an interview with ET.

Kramer also opened up about her first Thanksgiving without the children and expressed her compassion for other single parents. In another post, she explained that she had difficulty getting out of bed after the breakup, but her friends helped her. She also shared the way her children were coping with the breakup. In January 2022, Kramer revealed that she was dating actor Ian Schinelli.

Jana Kramer’s ex husband Ian Schinelli and her new man Ian Schinelli are dating on Instagram. The former couple made their relationship public by sharing a series of love-filled photos. Ian and Jana posed on a beach, in the snow, and even with the Elf on the shelf. The pair have not been dating for long, but the news is making the internet buzz.

The two had two kids together, Jack and Lilly. Their divorce made headlines on the internet and in social media. The divorce petition also reveals some new details about Jana Kramer’s decision to leave her husband. Kramer accused her ex husband of cheating and adultery. She also asked for joint custody of their children, spousal support, and legal fees.

The divorce was finalized in June of 2021. Since then, the actress has been dating Ian Schinelli, who is a fitness trainer and former Navy SEAL. The two appeared on each other’s social media during the last month. The two have also been seen in a series of TikTok challenges.

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