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Is There a New Song by Jana Kramer on the Way?

Is there a new song by jana kramer on the way? The singer recently released “I Feel It Coming,” a song inspired by her sobriety and her recent breakup with her ex-husband. In addition, we got a look at her relationship with a mystery man who recently appeared in her Instagram story.

jana kramer’s new song

Jana Kramer has a new song out today called “The Story.” It’s an incredibly powerful and emotional track that lays out the tough truths of a failed relationship. The singer opens up about the impact that her divorce from husband Mike Caussin had on her life, and despite the brokenhearted nature of the song, it ends on a hopeful note.

Kramer and Caussin split in April 2021 after a series of alleged infidelity allegations. The singer has since talked about her divorce on her podcast Whine Down and on social media. In her new single “The Story,” Kramer sings about moving forward with her new boyfriend, Andrew Schinelli. The couple met in October after Andrew East, the husband of former Olympian Shawn Johnson, introduced them.

Kramer first gained fame as a television actor on the hit show One Tree Hill. Her first two digital singles premiered on the show and went on to chart on the Billboard Hot 100. Her self-titled debut album, which included the heartbreak ballad “Why Ya Wanna,” was one of the top-selling country albums in 2012. She has continued to record her award-winning podcast, and has recently launched her own specialty wine line.

her sobriety journey

Jana Kramer’s sobriefy journey is the story of two Hollywood celebrities, one of which is a former alcoholic. Kramer, an actress, is recovering from a drug addiction and is currently working on a podcast about her experiences. She shares the struggles she’s faced, as well as the growth she’s made as a result of her sobriety.

Jana Kramer recently shared a heartfelt Instagram post about her sex addiction and her husband Mike Caussin, who recently admitted to relapsing after three years of treatment. Kramer was incredibly supportive of her husband, who also battled sex addiction and sought treatment.

Kramer was married to former NFL player Mike Caussin in 2015. They welcomed their daughter, Jolie Rae, in 2016. However, they split after rumors of infidelity emerged. However, the two renewed their vows in Hawaii and welcomed a son, Jace Joseph, in November 2018.

her split from her ex-husband

The actress and multi-media personality Jana Kramer filed for divorce from her former husband, Mike Caussin, in 2021 after alleging infidelity. The two were married in 2015 and later separated in 2016. They reunited in late 2017 and have two children together. In the divorce decree, Kramer blamed Caussin for his infidelity and said she wanted to divorce him because he cheated on her.

The couple shared two children together and had been married for six years. Although their relationship was rocky at times, they had made a concerted effort to muddle through it. The couple even re-married in 2017, welcomed their second child, and published a memoir about their relationship in 2020. Despite their efforts, the couple announced their separation in 2021. In an interview with ET, Kramer discussed the split and how it had affected her.

Kramer has also been in therapy, something she has openly discussed on social media. At one point, her therapist told her to write down the things that had been burdening her. After writing these down, the therapist then told her to place them in a stream, and the words would be washed away over time.

Kramer and Gambino married in 2004 in Las Vegas. However, the marriage lasted less than a year after Gambino was convicted of attempted murder. The couple was fearful for their lives during the marriage. During the time, Kramer was rumored to be dating Ace Amerson. Despite the rocky relationship, the two remained friends. And in January 2022, Kramer announced her romance with Ian Schinelli.

Kramer continued the podcast Whine Down after her divorce. In it, she discussed her life as a single parent, and she also talked to her ex-husband Jonathon Schaech on the podcast. She also shares candid conversations with her friends and Deepak Chopra. The topic of divorce is never off-limits in Whine Down.

her relationship with her mystery man

Jana Kramer’s relationship with her mysterious man has been a popular topic for speculation for some time now. Recently, she posted a picture of herself with a shirtless man on her Instagram Story. Fans immediately noted the coincidence. This prompted speculation that she may be dating one of the Bachelorette alums. However, Jana quickly clarified that she and the mystery man are just “good friends.”

Kramer shared a photo of herself in the dressing room with a mystery man last week, which has been circulating the Internet. Fans have since sought out clues about the man in Kramer’s photo. It turns out that the mystery man is none other than Ian Schinelli, a personal trainer based in Nashville, Tennessee. Although the two have yet to confirm their relationship, it is highly likely that they are.

While Kramer has never officially confirmed her relationship with the mystery man, she has often shared updates on their love lives. She even went on a few dates with him in Los Angeles. She once opened up about the domestic abuse she received from her first husband, Michael Gambino. During her marriage, Kramer was allegedly threatened with death. In late 2017, Kramer also briefly dated NFL player Jay Cutler. Fortunately, the relationship did not lead to a divorce.

Since the split from her former husband, Kramer has been dating several men. She was previously linked to former football player Jay Cutler and actor Graham Bunn. She recently revealed to Extra that she was with another man during Christmas after her divorce. Her children will be spending the Christmas season with Caussin.

After a long and rocky relationship, Jana Kramer is moving on with a mystery man. She describes him as an online “girl dad.” Both are involved in TikTok videos. They even hung out for Christmas. She shared an Instagram photo of the two of them in the same location.

As a country singer and actress, Jana Kramer is known for her role as Alex Dupre on the television show One Tree Hill. She has released two albums in recent years, Jama Kramer and Thirty One. In addition, Kramer is involved in dancing. She has also participated in the season 23 of Dancing With the Stars.

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