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“Voices” by Jana Kramer

“Voices” by Jana Kramer is a powerful new song, which has the potential to become the next big anthem. The singer is very candid, leaving no stone unturned to reveal her own pain and suffering. Her vulnerability is palpable, and her voice is beautiful and raw.

jana kramer’s new song

Jana Kramer is ready to get back to music and her new song, “Voices,” is no exception. This powerful song is about fighting the negative voices in your head. Kramer declares that she is “strong and beautiful,” and takes the listener on an emotional journey. The singer says that she had similar experiences with negative voices following her divorce, but she’s come a long way since then.

Jana Kramer released a new song, Voices, on September 24. It is her first since announcing her divorce from her husband, NFL player Mike Caussin, a month ago. The song refers to the pain that she felt during her breakup. Kramer shared the song via her Instagram story, which she captioned with a siren emoji.

Jana Kramer recently filed for divorce from her husband, Caussin, after the couple separated in 2016. The two shared two children together, but in 2016, Caussin cheated on Kramer. After the divorce, Kramer and Caussin decided to get back together again, and they renewed their vows last year. Kramer was recently candid on her podcast about the breakup. She apologized for her previous comments about her husband and Caussin. She now plans to focus on her children.

“Voices” by Jana Kramer is a powerful track. It has the potential to become the next anthem. The song is honest and raw, and Jana Kramer has been brave enough to let her fans know just how vulnerable she is. She conveys the pain and suffering with beauty and grace.

jana kramer’s acting career

Jana Kramer has a long history in country music and as an actress, but she’s also been a star of television. She began her career in country music with the single “Why Ya Wanna.” She’s had a number of TV appearances, including a guest spot on All My Children and roles on Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice. She also has a podcast called “Whine Down,” which explores her life as a single mom.

Kramer made her acting debut on the 2002 horror film Dead/Undead, and later went on to guest star on television shows such as All My Children and CSI: NY. She also landed a recurring role on NBC’s Friday Night Lights during its second season. From 2008 to 2009, she also appeared in the dramedy television series Entourage.

Jana Kramer is an actress, singer, and songwriter. Her first country releases were featured in episodes of the hit show One Tree Hill. She later released her own eponymous debut album, which reached the Top 20 on the Billboard 200. Her other projects include appearing on Dancing with the Stars and appearing in a number of TV movies.

Kramer’s role on “Click” is also a standout. The Lifetime comedy follows a country singer, a single mother, who falls in love with a wealthy man. While pursuing a music career, she also has to balance her home life and a blossoming romance.

Kramer has been married twice before. She was married to Michael Gambino in 2004 and divorced him the next year. They had two children together, Jace and Jolie. In 2014, Kramer married Mike Caussin. The two were together for a year and a half.

Kramer has a net worth of $4 million. Her earnings are derived from her career in country music and her appearances on TV and film. Her net worth is estimated to reach $2 million in 2022. With such a lucrative career, Kramer has become an important figure in the American entertainment industry.

She continues to record award-winning podcasts and is launching a specialty wine line. Her music career is a major priority for her and she’s working hard to make it happen. The new single, “Voices,” is a hit, and it’s the first of many that will follow.

jana kramer’s divorce

Kramer recently announced her divorce from Mike Caussin after finding out that he had been cheating on her. The couple had two children together. After the couple split in December, Kramer decided to file for divorce, citing adultery and inappropriate marital conduct. In an Instagram post, Kramer looked very distraught. She captioned the photo with the words “give up.”

The new single is Kramer’s first since her divorce. It’s her first new music in over a year, and comes at a time when female artists are taking the opportunity to reclaim their power through music. Kacey Musgraves and Carly Pearce have also recently released new divorce-themed music. And now, Jana Kramer is adding her voice to this growing trend.

The former host of The View and The Office recently filed for a divorce from her husband, Mike Caussin. The couple had been married for six years and had two children. However, in 2016, Kramer and Caussin separated, citing issues with infidelity. Mike, meanwhile, admitted that he had been in rehab for two months in order to deal with his sex addiction. He also revealed details of his rehab experience on Jana Kramer’s podcast in 2019. Regardless of whether or not Kramer and Caussin are divorced, the pair have worked on their relationship since their split.

While it’s difficult to imagine life after a divorce, Jana Kramer has recently shared her own story on how she recovered from her divorce and is now dating again. Fortunately, she credits the support of her close friends for her recovery. She says that the voices that haunted her for so long are no longer a concern.

The divorce between Jana Kramer and her husband Mike Caussin was finalized in July 2021. The couple had been married since 2015 and had many ups and downs throughout their marriage. Although they separated for a period of time, the two were reunited in 2017 and formally finished their marriage in July 2021.

Kramer is currently working on a new album that will focus on children. She will be performing the songs at local venues. Her new album is due to be released on September 24. Fans can also support her by buying her graphic t-shirts. Until then, she’s focusing on her kids and her career.

Jana Kramer is a successful singer-songwriter and an advocate for women empowerment. She has overcome challenges and made a name for herself in the country music industry as a raw songwriter. In spite of her celebrity status, Jana Kramer remains a role model for other mothers who are in the same situation.

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