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Janelle Brown and Her Sons

Janelle Brown has been a trending topic on Instagram lately, and it’s not surprising, given her recent health scare. The star’s son proposed to Michelle Petty on the social media site. After her health scare, her sons have been living at home. Here’s what you need to know about her life and her sons.

janelle brown’s son proposed to Michelle Petty on instagram

Janelle Brown’s son, Logan Brown, proposed to Michelle Petty on Instagram on July 16. The couple is now married! The fans of the show were initially interested in the life of Kody Brown and his four wives, but now their children have grown up and started families of their own. This is why many fans are keeping up with major milestones in the lives of their favorite stars. Logan Brown’s engagement to Michelle Petty is no different. The two had been dating for three years and were engaged last year.

Janelle and Kody were previously married. They had four children, including Janelle. Their marriage ended in November 2021. Kody and Janelle are still very close. Recently, they posted a picture of the Brown family in Las Vegas.

janelle brown’s son Logan married Michelle Petty

Logan Brown, the eldest son of Kody and Janelle Brown, has married his longtime girlfriend Michelle Petty. The couple first got together on Sister Wives in 2014, and were engaged in 2017. They recently got married, and the wedding was a private affair. While the couple’s wedding was not filmed for the show, it was attended by all of the Brown family, including Janelle.

Logan and Michelle met while studying at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Michelle proposed to Logan in 2017, and the two were engaged for almost three years before their wedding. Although Logan has kept himself out of the public eye, the couple has recently moved into a new home in Clark County, Nevada. In a recent Instagram post, Logan and Michelle shared pictures of their newly built home.

janelle brown’s sons live at home

Janelle Brown’s sons Garrison and Gabriel have moved back to Arizona to live with their mother and father. Kody Brown and Janelle Brown are a couple that has been married since 1993. Their marriage is considered to be a spiritual union. They have six children together. Their oldest son, Logan, was born in 1994, and their youngest, Gabriel, was born in 2000. In addition to Gabriel, their other children are Savanah, Gabriel, and Madison.

Janelle and Kody’s oldest son, Logan, is a college student at UNLV. He has since married Michelle Petty and lives in Nevada. Meanwhile, his younger sister, Aspyn, married Mitch Thompson in 2018. She lives in Sandy, Utah. Meanwhile, Kody and Janelle’s second son, Hunter, is a graduate student at John Hopkins.

janelle brown’s health scare

The star of the TLC series Sister Wives recently shared a health scare via her Instagram account. It turns out that she’d been diagnosed with skin cancer. Fans had noticed a blemish on the actress’s upper lip and asked her to get it checked out. The actress is now fine, but she has urged fans to regularly check their skin to make sure it’s clear.

The actress was not feeling well before, but she posted a picture of herself in April 2022. Perhaps the new healthier look will allow her to enjoy a decadent dessert with her granddaughter. The actress also posted a series of selfies in February and March, and captioned them with encouraging messages for other women. However, she and her husband Kody don’t seem to be a good fit and are considering calling off their marriage.

janelle brown’s weight loss journey

Janelle Brown’s weight loss journey is an inspiring one. It shows that even celebrities have to take action to get healthier. In Janelle’s case, she started a healthy lifestyle by taking up yoga and walking. She has also cut down on sweets and focuses on healthy foods and green vegetables. Although she still likes to indulge in them, she has recently stopped going out for sodas.

While Robyn Brown was the sexiest Sister Wives star, Janelle Brown has struggled with her weight loss goals. She was featured on the TLC show Sister Wives along with Christine and Meri Brown and was the heaviest of the three sisters. She was 271 pounds at the start of the series and had to work hard to lose weight.

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