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Jenelle Evans – Latest News on Her Instagram

If you are looking for the latest news about Jenelle Evans, you can look through her Instagram. The social media star has recently been in the news for a number of reasons, including a ‘freckle’ being tested for cancer. In addition, she is currently in a split from her husband David Eason. In addition, she has been making headlines over her son Kailyn Lowry’s post on janelle evans insta.

Jenelle Evans’ ‘freckle’ was tested for cancer

The reality star revealed her ‘freckle’ was tested for possible cancer recently. She shared pictures of the treatment on her Instagram Story. The star is now waiting to find out the results of the cancer test. She will then consult with her doctor to determine the treatment options.

The star has had several scares with her skin over the years. She’s often vocal about her personal issues, like having dark spots on her legs. She recently posted photos of her legs containing a dark spot, which was later removed. A biopsy was conducted to determine whether the dark spot was cancerous. She also asked her fans to support her and have their own moles checked each year.

After the surgery, Jenelle Evans posted a photo of her recovery and a reminder to herself to check her moles daily. She’s still awaiting the results of her tests, but she’s hopeful it’s simply a mole.

Jenelle Evans’ split from husband David Eason

It’s been a turbulent two years for Jenelle Evans and David Eason. The former Teen Mom 2 star and her husband separated in October. During their relationship, the couple had a series of problems, including a shooting that left a French bulldog dead. The pair also faced allegations of domestic abuse and cheating. While neither Jenelle Evans nor David Eason has commented on the split, sources say the split was partly motivated by money.

The couple married in September 2017, but things took a bad turn last year. In February, Eason posted homophobic tweets, which led MTV to cut ties with the star. In October, Evans accused Eason of attacking her, though he blamed the incident on alcohol. A month later, the couple announced their separation.

The split came as a shock to many fans. Jenelle and David had three kids together and had split custody in April due to David’s misbehavior. During the show’s production, Jenelle fought for custody of her children, regained custody of her son Ensley, and sat through the trial of her ex-husband. The drama has caused Jenelle to pull off the show, but it’s not clear whether she’ll be back on the show.

Jenelle Evans’ son’s instagram

Recently, fans have been calling out Evans’ Instagram photos, and even suggesting that she take a break from social media. She posts numerous photos of her children, but some have been calling out the way she treats her son, Eason. Evans has since disabled comments, but many fans continue to criticize her parenting style.

One of the most notable examples of this is the photo of Evans and Jace with their son. The picture of the two was posted on the popular photo sharing website Instagram. In the photo, Evans is wearing a long-sleeved henley and a full face of makeup, but her long, brown hair was a distraction. In contrast, her son is dressed in a gray and maroon hooded sweatshirt. Fans commented on the photo, but some did not recognize the toddler in the photograph. Others questioned whether Evans was using a wig for Jace.

Another recent Instagram post of Evans has many fans calling her a hypochondriac. The mom of three has been criticized for her parenting methods. In addition to her son, Evans also has three other children. One is an ex-boyfriend, who has yet to return to the show.

Kailyn Lowry’s comment on janelle evans’ instagram

Jenelle Evans has responded to Kailyn Lowry’s comment on her Instagram page. She calls Kail a “b-tch” and says that she shouldn’t be able to get a restraining order over a nickname. While this seems salty and insensitive, Evans has stated that it’s not her intention to hurt Kail’s feelings.

Jenelle Evans’ reaction to Kailyn Lowry’s comment on her Instagram page has been mixed. Initially, she believed that Jenelle Evans leaked her baby news. However, she later learned that Vee Rivera and Javi Marroquin were responsible for the leak. As a result, she apologized publicly to Jenelle, but to no avail.

Briana and Jenelle’s relationship is not at its best. The reality star recently filed for a lawsuit against the “Coffee Convos” podcast host. In the lawsuit, Briana Lowry claimed that Lopez had physically beaten her. In addition to that, she claimed that Lopez had broken into her mother’s house. After this revelation, fans speculated that Jenelle and Briana had split. Jenelle later explained the reasons for the unfollowing.

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