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Japan Zoos

The biggest zoo in Japan, Zoorasia, has just opened a new African savanna for visitors to experience. The animals are no longer kept in cages and are housed in spaces that mimic the natural habitats of each animal. Zoorasia’s unique habitats are designed to educate visitors about the different species of wild animals.

Nogeyama Zoo

When you visit the Nogeyama Zoo in Japan, you’ll have the chance to see rare and endangered animals such as the critically endangered angonoka tortoise. This tortoise, which lives in the Nogeyama Zoo, was saved from an illegal breeding facility, where its environment was unsuitable for its growth. The poor environmental conditions caused the tortoise’s shell to become uneven. Luckily, Japanese scientists were able to save the animal from extinction and repopulate it successfully at the Nogeyama Zoo.

The Nogeyama Zoo is free to visit and offers a lot for visitors to enjoy. It is located in the Nogeyama Park district of Yokohama, and is home to more than 100 species of animals. There’s even an Ani-pair program where visitors can match up with a specific animal to share their time with them. Visitors are also able to donate money and gifts to help with the zoo’s daily upkeep.

Yokohama Zoorasia

Sprawling and well-kept, Yokohama Zoorasia is an incredible place to spend a day with family. The zoo contains many species of animals and a variety of habitat zones. There’s even a play area and eats.

Yokohama Zoorasia is easily accessible by train and bus. You can catch the JR Yokohama Line from Nakayama Station. Buses run frequently and take around 20 minutes. Alternatively, you can take the Sotetsu Railway from Yokohama Station, which runs frequent trains to Tsurugamine and direct trains to Shinjuku Station in Tokyo.

Tobe Zoological Park

Tobe Zoo is a great place to see tigers, lions and monkeys. The park also has a restaurant that overlooks an elephant enclosure. There are lots of animals to see, including tigers and hippos. It’s a popular destination for families, so make sure to spend a whole day here.

Tobe Zoo is situated on the island of Shikoku, and is home to 765 animals from 150 species. Visitors are particularly interested in Peace, the polar bear who was raised at Tobe Zoo. You can learn more about Peace at the park’s website.

Asahiyama Zoo

The Asahiyama Zoo in Hokkaido is a popular destination for animal lovers. This unique zoo features glass enclosures for seals, wolves, penguins, and other native species. The zoo also has an aquarium, where you can watch penguins glide through the water.

Asahiyama Zoo is open every day of the year. The only exceptions to this rule are the New Year holidays and four weeks between 4 October and 4 November. Admission to the Asahiyama Zoo costs about 820 yen per person. Children under five enter for free. The zoo also offers a discount for groups of 25 or more.

Hamura Zoo

You’ll love this compact wildlife park, complete with petting zoo, mini train, and feeding opportunities. The Japanese-style zoo is a popular destination for families with small children. The park’s educational center also offers an opportunity to learn about local wildlife. The park is open year-round, and children of all ages are welcome.

Located about 20 minutes from Hamura Station on the JR Ome Line, the Hamura Zoo is a great day out for the whole family. Admission to the zoo is 400 yen for adults and free for children under four. Among the park’s attractions are a giraffe, red pandas, meerkats, and penguins. Visitors can also enjoy a delicious udon lunch at the zoo’s lawn square. Restrooms are available on site.

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