Japanese Floor Couch

Japanese Floor Couch – Factors to Consider Before Buying

A Japanese floor couch can be a beautiful addition to any home. But before you purchase one, there are a few factors that you need to consider. These factors include brand name, material, coating, and durability. In this article, we’ll go over the most important factors to consider.


The Takao floor couch is a modern interpretation of the Japanese zabuton, which is a traditional cushion traditionally used on tatami. It can be customized by using bolster pillows and soft cotton pads. Takao makes the futon mattresses from scratch, and its wood frame is made of maple. The sofa’s modular construction also allows it to be customized into various forms, including a table, bed and seating.

Takaos are made by Takaokaya makers, who have been creating them for over a century. To create them, Takaokaya artisans massage the cotton, creating an even distribution of weight. Then, they hand-stuff the cotton into the sleeves. Depending on its use, the cotton used has varying densities.

The Takao is a great way to enjoy a relaxing afternoon with a good book. Its soft, supportive padding makes it ideal for meditation. Its round shape makes it the perfect meditation cushion. It is thicker than a typical zabuton cushion, and provides support for the body.


The Takaokaya floor couch is a versatile piece that is handmade by Japanese craftsmen. The sumptuous fabric, tassels, and seams are all done by hand by Kyoto-based artisans. These pieces can be used as couches or a bed, and are available in various sizes. They are comfortable to sit on and are excellent for posture support, as well as being decorative.

The Takaokaya is a Kyoto-based futon maker that has been making futons for over a century. The production process is meticulous and hands-on, with the cotton first being massaged for a uniform distribution of density. After that, the cotton is stuffed into hand-made cotton sleeve forms. The resulting sleeve designs have different hardness levels, resulting in a wide range of softness and firmness.

Takaokaya futons were first popularized during the 17th century in Japan. The nobility in particular loved the comfort that tatami mats offered. In fact, the futon, also known as zabuton, became the staple of tatami-fitted interiors. Takaokaya has been reinterpreting traditional Japanese lifestyles with its Takaokaya sofa. Its modular design enables users to combine various modules to create customized seating, beds, and tables.

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