Jennifer And Kristina Beard Net Worth

Celeste Beard Johnson Net Worth – Kristina and Jennifer Beard

Anyone familiar with true crime and murder cases has likely come across Celeste Beard Johnson. She was found guilty of killing self-made millionaire Steven Beard in 1999 and continues to protest her innocence while imprisoned. Celeste has made appearances on some of the leading YouTube true crime channels such as Hailey Elizabeth, Click Murder and Southern Fried True Crime as well as cable documentaries about serial killers and black widows.

Kristina Beard, one of Celeste’s two twin daughters, testified during her trial that neither she nor her sister were drawn to Celeste’s new husband; Celeste frequently complained about him to acquaintances and her daughters alike and they began to believe their mother only married Beard for his money.

Tarlton and Celeste quickly formed an instantaneous rapport at the mental health unit, and quickly began dating. Over the summer and fall of 1999 they spent time at both of their houses as well as motel rooms; during which it became clear that Tarlton had feelings for Celeste; friends often saw them together; it even appeared they were kissing on multiple occasions!

Kristina and Jennifer Beard testified that their mother, Jean Beard, and Tarlton often exchanged phone numbers. Kristina and Jennifer Beard witnessed them kissing often; Kristina testified she knew which phone number belonged to Tarlton; Jennifer testified she changed all telephone numbers at home but still saw an unknown cell phone billed to Beard’s home number; another cell number still belonged to Tarlton as well.

On October 2, 1999, Tarlton entered Beard’s bedroom and shot him with a shotgun as he slept, awakening Beard with sound and pain before calling 911 for assistance.

Tarlton would eventually confess to killing Beard on Celeste’s orders and claim she had been instructed by Celeste to do so, providing evidence such as Tarlton’s admission of guilt, phone records, and testimony from both sisters as to what had transpired. She received a life sentence for capital murder in exchange for her cooperation in investigating this crime and testifying against Celeste; currently, Tarlton is serving this time-served sentence in Texas prisons.

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