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Jennifer Doudna Net Worth, Husband, Bio, Age, Books, Children, Salary, Education, and More

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Jennifer Doudna is an American scientist renowned for her research in gene editing and its potential therapeutic applications. She founded CRISPR Therapeutics in 2002 and since that time has served as professor at University of California Berkeley. For her efforts with CRISPR she has received many honors, such as winning the Breakthrough Prize in Life Sciences (2015), Japan Prize (2016), Kavli Prize (2018), LUI Che Woo Welfare Betterment Prize 2019 as well as being joint recipient of Wolf Prize Chemistry 2020 with Emmanuelle Charpentier (jointly with Charpentier).

Doudna was born in Washington, D.C. on February 19th 1964 to parents with academic credentials – one a Ph.D in English literature and the other two master’s degrees, one in education and the other Asian history – both earning advanced degrees themselves. Being immersed in such an intellectual atmosphere fostered an environment conducive to intellectual pursuit. Doudna received both her Bachelor and Doctorate from Pomona College before proceeding onto Harvard where she studied under Nobel laureate Jack Szostak who specialized in studying ribonucleic acid – both types being present within all living cells as an essential molecule for vital processes to continue functioning normally.

She holds memberships in the National Academy of Science, Medicine, and Arts & Sciences; is also an honorary foreign member of the Royal Society and Howard Hughes Medical Institute investigator; has received multiple other honors such as Technion Israel Harvey Prize (2018) and European Union Wolf Prize in Chemistry 2020 jointly awarded jointly to her with her colleagues Emmanuelle Zhang and Feng Zhang).

Doudna is married to her longtime partner Jeremy Spade, an associate professor of biochemistry. They share two sons together and live in San Francisco Bay Area together; Doudna also has one from her first relationship. Doudna’s father works in English teaching while her mother stays home caring for their family. Doudna enjoys reading and traveling throughout Europe – particularly to Bruges, Belgium; St Malo, France; and Paris, France are some of her favorite spots. Additionally, Doudna is an accomplished photographer; she has published multiple books of photography. In her free time she also enjoys painting and playing the piano. Doudna enjoys skiing, hiking and cooking as hobbies. She is also passionate about art – she owns over 200 paintings and sculptures by well-known artists including Marc Chagall, Claude Monet and Pablo Picasso! Additionally she is an avid golfer and tennis player as well as being a vegetarian advocate who serves on Johnson & Johnson’s board without making any insider transactions in 18 months.

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