Jess Dornan

Jessica Dornan

Jessica Dornan is a Scottish actress who is currently based in Los Angeles. She is the daughter of Jim and Lorna Dornan and has two siblings: a senior sister named Leisa and a younger brother named Jamie. She has a long-term boyfriend named Jhonny Lucas Lynas. Her Instagram account has over thirteen thousand followers and she also runs a lifestyle blog called The Style Balance.

Jessica Dornan’s bio

If you are interested in learning more about Jessica Dornan’s background, read on. This fashion designer was born in Cornwall, England, and is currently based in Falmouth. She is not yet listed on Wikipedia, but there are numerous online portals that have her bio. Her family background is not very well known, but it is assumed that she was raised by her parents, Jim and Lorna Dornan. She has an elder sister, Leisa, and a younger brother, Jamie. Jessica Dornan’s parents were both doctors, as her dad worked as an obstetrician and was the president of the Northern Ireland Pancreatic Center.

Dornan met her husband Jim while studying medicine and later married him. She had three children, one of whom is a Disney employee, and the two eventually divorced. In addition to her career in movies, Jessica is also an active Instagram user. She has more than 13k followers and has made more than 650 posts. Her Instagram account features skincare tutorials, interior design ideas, and aesthetic pictures.

Her TED talk

On 31 August, TEDxStormont is returning to the Great Hall at Parliament Buildings for Jess Dornan’s TED talk, Content for Contentment. The entrepreneur and founder of Afterbook spoke to TEDxStormont’s Jamie Pow to discuss her work and her upcoming TED talk.

Her website

The inspiration behind Jessica Dornan’s website comes from her mother. Her mother was ahead of her time, having been adopted in 1948 – a time when adoptions were not common in Ireland. While she was raised in a strict household, she grew up listening to rock ‘n’ roll and dreaming of going to art college. Unfortunately, her mother’s strict upbringing discouraged her from fulfilling her ambitions. Instead, she became a nurse.

The mother of two daughters, Jessica Dornan is also married to a pilot, Jhonny Lucas Lynas. They have been together for a decade and share two children together. Their relationship is described as loving and supportive, but they do not shy away from being honest. Jessica Dornan prefers to be with a person who is loyal and trustworthy. The two also want to have a clear mind and a full heart.

Her mum’s headstone

Afterbook is an online journal for loved ones. It allows people to share the stories of their departed loved ones, and to add images and videos. The idea behind Afterbook is that the dead can’t always be with us in life, but we can keep their memory alive through a simple story.

Her career

Jessica Dornan is an Irish actress and blogger, and she also owns a website. The website is called The Style Balance, and she has more than thirteen thousand followers. She has posted more than 650 posts, and shares tips on interior decorating and skincare. You can follow Jessica on Instagram.

Dornan began acting in 2006 and has since gained a following in several roles. He played a serial killer in the television series The Fall and portrayed the character Count Axel Fersen in the historical drama film ‘Marie Antoinette.’ This film won an Academy Award for Best Costume Design.

Her net worth

The net worth of Jessica Dornan is a mystery to the public. She is a hardworking and independent woman who is dedicated to her career. Although her exact net worth is unknown, it is estimated to be around $14 million. Dornan is married to a pilot named Jhonny Lucas Lynas and the couple has two children. The couple enjoys a close relationship, which is characterized by open communication and honesty. Jessica is known for her love of family and her desire to have a happy life.

Jessica Dornan is an active user of social media, especially on Instagram. She has more than thirteen thousand followers on the social networking website. She has posted over 650 photos on her account. She is a popular fashion blogger who also posts about interior design tips and skincare tutorials.

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