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Is Jessica Duggar Pregnant?

Counting On star posts photos of her kids

The Counting On star has recently posted pictures of her children on Instagram. The pictures show her children in matching outfits. Fans commented on the photos, comparing Ivy to her older siblings Henry and Spurgeon. She also shared some updates on Spurgeon’s homeschooling. However, fans were unsure when the family will move to the new house.

The Counting On star rarely posts photos of her kids on Instagram. However, her fans have been begging her to post more of them. The two were married on November 5, 2016. Their second daughter, Felicity, is two years old, while Evangeline is four months old. Duggar has also been criticised for not making sure her children wear helmets while cycling. The mom of four children has also faced backlash from fans after suffering a miscarriage.

Her pacifier isn’t very good

After being criticized for her messy home in 2017, Jessa Duggar has shared a photo of her new baby with a pacifier. The new mom explained that she uses the pacifier only for car rides. In May, she welcomed her second child, Ivy Jane. After Spurgeon’s emergency c-section, the Duggars had two children at home.

While most moms do not get criticized for their motherhood protocol, Jessa Duggar has received some flack in the last few days. Her decision not to give her daughter a pacifier in public was met with criticism from fans who said that it was cruel and inhumane, particularly since she had only given birth to her third child eight weeks ago.

Her pregnancy

For a while, rumors have circulated that Jessica Duggar is pregnant. After all, she’s been showing off her growing baby bump on social media. The Duggars have three other children, and they usually give birth in quick succession. In this instance, there’s no reason why she shouldn’t be showing off her baby bump on Instagram. The Duggar family has access to top-notch healthcare, and they are obviously able to deliver multiple children.

In a new video she posted to her Instagram account, Jessa Duggar showed off her big bump. In the photo, she and her kids were in their new house, and fans were surprised to see the mom-to-be with a baby bump! Some fans could even see her baby bump reflected in a mirror. Jessa and Ben Seewald have four children in total, including daughter Fern.

Her family’s rules

The Duggar family has a lot of rules. Many of them affect women more than men, and they disproportionately affect their daughters. Most of the daughters of the family are forbidden from having premarital sex, dancing, and dating without a chaperone. They are also forbidden from using birth control or body piercings. They also cannot dye their hair.

The Duggars are strict fundamentalist Baptists who follow a literal interpretation of the Bible. While they do allow their daughters to share bedrooms, they do not allow boys to hang out with girls.

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