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Jessa Seawald and Her Instagram Stories

If you are a new fan of Jessa Woodard’s Instagram, you may be wondering what you can expect from her posts. She regularly shares photos of her kids, including those at the zoo. Recently, she posted several pictures of her kids with cardboard cutouts. She also posted a photo of her newborn baby Fern, who seems to be fast asleep. She shares her children with husband Ben Seewald. Her latest Instagram posts have been met with mixed feedback.

Jessa seawald’s life update

Jessa Seewald’s life update is causing a stir online. The TLC personality announced her pregnancy via a blog post. The news has been met with widespread criticism. While the Duggar Family made their living through their television show, some fans feel that Seewald should not be spending money so freely.

The TV star has been busy with her new house. She promised to share a full tour of her new place very soon. She and her husband Ben Seewald had been renovating their home since the summer, but they still didn’t have enough space for their growing family. Thankfully, their new house has more space than before, and the Duggars are enjoying their new digs.

She and her husband Ben Seewald were married in 2014. The couple had their fourth child in July 2021. Their daughter is named Fern. The new couple’s life update was sparked by the scandal surrounding their younger brother, Josh Duggar, who was accused of sexually molestation.

Her relationship with Ben

Fans of Counting On have been revisiting the story of Jessa and Ben Seewald’s relationship. The couple married in November 2014 and are now parents to four children. They survived the cancellation of their TLC show and are now fixing up their fixer-upper. However, their love story is far from over.

Jessica has not been shy about sharing her feelings about her ex-husband. However, it is unclear if she and Ben will stay together. Ben and Jessa have been spotted out together with other people, such as their children and parents. Jessa also has been known to not enjoy the sight of her sister-in-law’s wedding dress.

Ben Seewald and Jessa Duggar started dating many years ago. The couple met when Ben was seventeen and he was attending church in Jessa’s hometown. He was interested in her and asked her father for his phone number. Soon, the two became best friends and went on dates with their parents.

Her messy home

If you’ve been following Jessa Seewald’s Instagram stories, you’ve likely noticed that she often posts about her messy home. She’s a busy mom to four little kids. And while her house is messy, she has some tips to keep it looking as beautiful as possible. First of all, get rid of your clutter. Then, you can focus on keeping your home looking fresh.

For example, Jessa has a messy bedroom, which has many messes. She also has piles of dirty laundry. Her dresser is full of dirty diapers. Her bed sheet is stained and a side table is covered in dust and mold. She also has handprints on the mirror. Moreover, her kitchen has a lot of dirty dishes and a stovetop with a lot of oil. Her floor is also littered with blocks.

In recent years, the model has shared pictures of her messy home. Her followers have criticized her for her untidy lifestyle. She is back on YouTube now, showing her followers around her home. In a recent video, she showed her messy home and her family’s life.

Her new house rule

After the story broke, Jessa Seawald and her husband Ben Seewald decided to make some new rules in their household. They shared a photo on their Facebook page where they appeared to be reaching into a cupboard, with Spurgeon holding on to a stool. Henry had climbed up to the stool, but it wasn’t clear whether he was trying to get down or not. The new house rule was intended to keep both boys safe.

The family is currently in the midst of fixing up a new house for Jessa and Ben. Fans are curious as to how soon the new house will be finished. The couple previously lived in a three-bedroom house, which is no longer large enough for the growing family.

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