John Janssen Net Worth

John Janssen Net Worth

John Janssen first gained notice as RHOC star Shannon Beador’s recent boyfriend. A successful businessman with an impressive net worth, John Janssen has worked at an insurance firm for over 20 years where he eventually rose to become its vice president.

Janssen has two daughters and one son. His family is close to Shannon and they regularly spend time together. Janssen has taught his children the value of hard work and commitment; in turn he supports Shannon financially as much as possible.

The couple are delighted with their relationship. They look forward to spending their lives together and already discussing future plans. Shannon expressed her immense gratitude at having met John – she said that he’s the ideal match.

Shannon and Janssen both know first-hand what it’s like to endure such an unpleasant process, making their romance all the more meaningful. Since recently they’ve started dating and their romance is blossoming beautifully; both parties enjoy each other’s company while their children coexist harmoniously.

Janssen is not only an excellent father but an exceptional businessman as well. For over 20 years he has worked for Wood Gutmann & Bogart insurance firm where he serves as the vice president. Not to mention, his physique and charming demeanor make him immensely popular among fans who adore him both visually and personally.

According to reports, he has been earning an increasing sum through his job with the company and is steadily raising his earnings day by day. A hardworking individual, he strives for excellence in everything he does and may soon become one of the most beloved celebrities around.

While he is an incredible businessman, he prefers to keep his personal details confidential. He does not discuss his family or share details about their children with the media. He holds American citizenship with Caucasian roots and attended University of Southern California before earning a degree in business management.

Janssen maintains some social media accounts but does not use them actively; these include an email account for professional use as well as minimal followers on Facebook and Twitter. In addition, he maintains professional email and phone numbers which he regularly uses.

He currently resides in Costa Mesa, California with his family, where his son Joseph and daughter Juliet from his relationship with Kim reside. Joseph attended USC while Juliet graduated in 2010. Additionally, he’s an alumnus of USC with an attractive physique; smart but charming personalities; an impressive career ahead and striving towards attaining his goals.

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