John Malecki Net Worth

John Malecki Net Worth

John Malecki hails from Pittsburgh and has been in the NFL for several years. After attending Franklin Regional High School and going on to the University of Pittsburgh to play college football, he signed with the Pittsburgh Steelers’ practice squad but later got released due to injury concerns. Since then he has made his living from his furniture-making business and YouTube channel; becoming an inspiration to those trying to pursue their goals.

John has an exceptional passion for woodworking. His website showcases an impressive list of projects. Additionally, John shares his woodworking talents on YouTube via popular videos he posts; these have garnered over 600k subscribers with his most-watched video being of a live edge river table receiving 5 million views!

His woodworking creations range from furniture and cabinets, using materials such as reclaimed woods and metals sourced from salvage. Hand and power tools were combined in creating these one-of-a-kind works; his creative design ideas also add unique pieces.

John has created furniture for celebrities and professional athletes such as Pittsburgh Steelers player Levon Bell. John boasts a variety of woodworking equipment from table saws to routers; and enjoys working with various woods such as oak, walnut and cherry for their beauty and longevity.

John has many interests and hobbies outside of woodworking, such as travel and attending sports games – both of which he enjoys attending. Furthermore, his social media following is large and can often be seen on television programs.

John has found success making money through both furniture-making and product sales on YouTube and product sales – selling merchandise related to his work to help create deeper bonds between himself and his fans.

John’s family are extremely encouraging of his career goals. His mother, Angela Malecki was an accomplished softball player when she was younger, continuing her participation until senior year in high school. John Malecki Sr was an exceptional basketball player but failed to take advantage of opportunities offered through organized sports organizations; John Jr was born fourteen months after Geoffrey.

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