Johnnie Taylor Net Worth

A Look at Johnnie Taylor Net Worth

Johnnie Taylor was an American soul singer known for his powerful baritone voice and influence in shaping its landscape. Unfortunately, at age 66 he died following a heart attack while performing on stage despite all of his hard work as musician/songwriter and musician/songwriter despite this tragic event; yet his music continues to live on and inspire new generations of fans today despite this untimely end to his life and legacy. This article will examine johnnie taylor’s net worth as well as what his legacy stands out in today’s society.

Taylor was born in Crawfordsville, Arkansas on May 5, 1934 and frequently gave his year of birth as 1938; however, social security records later showed his official date to be four years earlier. As the youngest of three siblings he spent much time living with his grandmother who ensured he attended church services regularly as well as teaching him guitar and piano so he could pursue music as a career path.

At age 10, Taylor moved with his grandmother to Kansas City, Missouri where he joined a gospel quartet known as the Melody Kings. While opening for Sam Cooke and his Soul Stirrers band, Sam Cooke befriended Taylor; later they toured together and released their first single “Bless This House” in 1963.

Taylor signed with Stax Records in 1966. His initial project with them was Booker T and the MGs featuring guitarist Steve Cropper; together they enjoyed much success as a house band, recording several hits including No.1 crossover hit “Disco Lady.”

Taylor became famous thanks to his songs and albums, winning him the Grammy award for Best R&B Song with “Disco Lady” in 1977 – becoming the first black artist ever to do so. Once his contract with CBS/Columbia ended in 1982, he recorded one album at Beverly Glen Records before moving onto Malaco Records of Jackson Mississippi which focused on classic southern soul and blues sounds; over fifteen years he created 12 albums here while creating hybrid sounds combining these genres.

Johnnie Taylor died at the age of 66 on May 31, 2000 after suffering a heart attack while performing onstage in Dallas, Texas. He was laid to rest at Forest Hill Cemetery in Kansas City, Missouri. Johnnie was a talented musician and close friend to many. His music inspired future generations of musicians like Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston; Johnnie will always remain an iconic figure within music.

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