Johnny Brown Net Worth

Johnny Brown Net Worth

Johnny Brown may be best-known for his iconic role as Nathan Bookman on Good Times, but there is much more to this entertainer than meets the eye. With decades of experience spanning television and film acting to music videos, comedy performances, business ventures and business management ventures; Johnny has established an unparalleled legacy within the entertainment industry that will remain remembered in generations to come.

A key contributor to his impressive net worth of 84-year-old actor Warren Beatty’s success lies in his prudent investments and successful partnerships. Over time he has amassed an impressive portfolio of assets such as properties and businesses; generated significant income through endorsements/sponsorships; capitalized on various revenue streams to grow wealth; as well as being popular, appealing, and making use of other revenue sources thereby further increasing it.

Brown began his career as a nightclub performer before finding success on television as a regular character on Laugh-in. He became widely recognized for his chubby frame, large enticing smile, and changing facial expressions – characteristics which earned him more roles on more TV shows such as The Jeffersons and Family Matters; additionally he even appeared as a railroad dining car waiter in 1970’s The Out-Towners film!

He is also an accomplished singer, having released two records. Additionally, he has appeared in various movies such as Sister, Sister, The Flip Wilson Show Moonlighting & Martin The Jamie Foxx Show The Wayans Brothers among others.

Brown has amassed an extensive business empire. These ventures include an entertainment production company and record label that have helped launch many popular musicians’ careers such as Eminem and Kid Rock. He also maintains other business ventures including an auto dealership and real estate interests.

Brown has amassed an impressive business empire while also being an accomplished philanthropist, contributing generously to many charities and organizations in his native St. Petersburg, Florida and setting up a scholarship fund specifically for African-American students there. Furthermore, he serves as Chairman Emeritus for Stryker Corp based out of Michigan; during his time with them their revenues have gone from $17 million to over $6.7 billion with him as its Chairman Emeritus; currently owning approximately 5% of their stock.

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