Jordan Kilganon Net Worth

Jordan Kilganon Net Worth – Biography, Age, Birthday, Early Life, Career, Partner, Wiki & Facts

Jordan Kilganon Net Worth, Biographie, Age, Birthday, Family, Height, Early Life, Career, Dating Partner Wiki & Facts

Jordan Kilganon was born April 28th 1992 in Greater Sudbury, Canada and is an established professional dunker who makes his living through slam dunking competitions and NBA All-Star matches (2016 being notable). Jordan earned immense popularity and became widely dubbed as “Mission Impossible” or “The Dude Who Dunked in Jeans”.

Rick Kilganon was an accomplished basketball trainer who taught Jordan advanced training techniques from an early age. Pushing him hard to become an effective dunker, Jordan managed to dunk on a 10-foot rim by age 16. Soon thereafter he posted his dunks online and joined an online dunk community – working diligently each day of training and soon witnessing tangible results for his efforts.

Over time, he competed in international slam dunk competitions and won many of them. Additionally, he started Bounce Kit for dunk instruction; today, he lives with long-term partner Dania Bernard in Toronto.

At the 2016 NBA All-Star game, one of his most remarkable performances was an unforgettable scorpion dunk he performed during a timeout that left fans speechless and has become one of the world’s most recognized dunkers and role models for young people.

He is a member of Dunk Elite basketball team and also works as a social media influencer, hosting his own dunk show on YouTube with over 1 Million views to date and thousands of followers on Instagram. His goal is to inspire people to work hard towards reaching their goals.

Jordan stands 6 feet 3.5 inches with an amazing vertical jump of 49.5 inches, thanks to well-timed force and muscle relaxation that magnify his velocity and allow him to perform explosive take-offs. Jordan has become widely recognized for his spectacular, one-of-a-kind dunks he has even created himself.

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