Josh Giddey Net Worth

Josh Giddey Net Worth

Josh Giddey is an Australian professional basketball player currently representing Oklahoma City Thunder in the National Basketball League (NBL). Drafted into the NBA in 2021, Giddey has made a great impactful first impression at America’s premier division; winning multiple NBA Western Conference Rookie of the Month awards as well as lucrative endorsement deals with various well-known brands.

Giddey still has some way to go before catching up to other NBA superstars in terms of wealth, but is on an upward trajectory and shows great promise of expanding his net worth even more in the future. A dedicated worker with an unwavering work ethic, his desire for improvement will ensure a bright future ahead. His dedication and hard work should keep him as one of the elite NBA players for many years to come.

Josh Giddey was born in Melbourne, Australia to Warrick and Kim Giddey who both played professional basketball for Melbourne Tigers. Growing up with basketball as his passion and dreaming of one day becoming professional players himself. Working tirelessly at perfecting his game he earned himself a spot on Australia National team quickly after. Aside from basketball Giddey loves spending time with family.

Before being drafted into the National Basketball Association, Giddey played for Adelaide 36ers of the National Basketball League (NBL), winning Rookie of the Year honors during his time there. Giddey later caught Oklahoma City Thunder’s attention and was selected sixth overall when their draft happened in 2021.

Giddey signed a four-year deal worth $27 million with the Thunder, with fully guaranteed annual salaries totaling $6 Million over four seasons. Alongside his NBA salary, he also makes money through endorsement deals and personal appearances – in addition to having amassed an extensive following on social media sites such as Instagram.

Giddey is already quite wealthy at such a young age and could become one of the richest players in the NBA. Through endorsement deals and his NBA career, he looks poised for greatness – his dedication and brand recognition will keep him among the elite performers for years. Giddey boasts a massive following on Instagram and can often be seen wearing Nike apparel (Kobe 6s preferred) while keeping multiple vehicles stored away for use depending on different events or occasions.

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