Josh Lewis Net Worth

Josh Lewis Net Worth – How Much Is Josh Lewis Worth?

Josh Lewis is an internet personality best known for the football content uploaded on his ‘Joshlewisgsy’ channel. Additionally, he is the younger brother of well-known YouTuber Harry Lewis AKA Wroetoshaw and has often featured in his videos since childhood. Together the brothers share an extremely close bond which makes them appear together often in videos uploaded onto their respective channels.

Josh is an avid football player and enjoys spending his free time playing the sport as a hobby. He earned a high school diploma and boasts a slim physique. Unfortunately, Josh’s personal life remains private at present as his focus appears to lie with professional endeavors.

He has an estimated net worth estimated in the thousands of dollars, with YouTube earnings accounting for much of it. He boasts more than 1 million subscribers on YouTube, posting numerous videos every day; also offering product promotions and securing numerous sponsorship deals on this platform.

Josh serves as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of The Real Deal, an e-commerce platform providing real estate professionals and consumers access to each other. In addition, Josh has extensive venture capital firm experience having worked for companies like Drexel Burnham Lambert, Allied Capital Management and Apollo Global Management.

Real estate mogul David Stern serves on the National Football League board of directors and owns an enormous stake in Atlanta Falcons Stadium, among many other investments. Prior to that he held board membership at Philadelphia Eagles as well as founding an e-commerce startup called Xometry.

Josh is passionate about many subjects and active in several charitable causes, particularly supporting children’s organizations and being active within his Jewish community. Additionally, Josh has contributed generously to organizations like American Cancer Society and Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia through donations.

Josh enjoys traveling and spending time with family in his free time, especially Rosie (also an avid YouTuber). Born December 3rd 2001 on Guernsey island and possessing British citizenship.

He has an athletic build with blonde hair, blue eyes and pale skin tones. Additionally, he boasts several tattoos as well as being an avid gamer with multiple trophies and awards to his name.

He appears to be heterosexual and single; however, his personal life remains very private; therefore he has refrained from disclosing any details regarding current romantic status. Instead, his current priorities seem more focused around his career and studies; there does not appear to be anyone currently romantically interested.

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