Judge Tracie Hunter Net Worth

Judge Tracie Hunter Net Worth

Judge Tracie Hunter reportedly boasts an estimated net worth of over $1 Million, having amassed her fortune through studying law, working as a lawyer, founding her own firm and becoming a judge in Hamilton County, Ohio. She takes great pride in being the first African American Juvenile Court Judge there; as she made this known.

She won election as a judge in 2010, yet was immediately mired with disputes regarding voting procedures and votes cast; these disagreements did not fully end until 2012 when they were resolved.

Soon after she took office, she was accused of backdating court orders and providing confidential documents to her brother – leading to an 8-year legal battle between herself and prosecutors and the supreme court.

The controversy eventually led to her imprisonment; she was ordered to serve six months for her involvement in the scandal. Although she tried unsuccessfully to overturn this decision, numerous appeals and attempts at postponement failed, with a judge eventually declaring on Monday that she must begin serving her sentence immediately.

During her hearing, several supporters protested in courtroom; some even got in trouble for charging out of the public gallery and charging out into the courtroom itself. These individuals shouted in protest at Patrick Dinkelacker, the Hamilton County Common Pleas Judge who had ruled against her before they were asked to leave.

Judge Tracie Hunter was handcuffed and removed from her room by a deputy, dragging her feet and going limp while being lifted up by a bailiff before being dragged from the building; it took her around four minutes.

As was evident from the video released by the sheriff’s office, Hunter is clearly unhappy about her situation and can be heard complaining to law firms for not fighting hard enough for her case. Additionally, she lashed out against lawyers as not fighting hard enough on her behalf.

Some politicians have spoken out against the judge being removed from her courtroom and believe it has further inflamed racial tensions in Cincinnati. Additionally, they feel she should not have been jailed because of her race.

Tracie Hunter, eligible for early release because she has been serving on work detail, may also request that Gov. Mike DeWine commute her sentence to probation; Dan Tierney, spokesperson for DeWine has yet to respond as they await formal request from Hunter’s attorney.

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